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Honors Programs

There are many opportunities for Hunter students to participate in rigorous and rewarding honors programs. Participation in these programs typically involves focused study of contemporary and historical philosophical and social issues, or in-depth study of a particular question or problem within the student’s chosen field of study. Only the very best and brightest students seek to enter an honors program, and those who do are surrounded by other high-achieving students and are provided with a host of academic resources, including concentrated faculty attention and guidance.

The Macaulay Honors College at Hunter College

The Macaulay Honors College at Hunter College draws on all the best of CUNY and New York City. By providing outstanding educational opportunities and financial support, our talented students obtain the tools to excel in college and in life. The Honors College combines the close-knit collaborative community of a small college with the vast intellectual resources of a major research university. University Scholars receive individualized mentoring by distinguished faculty members and specially-trained academic advisors. Involvement in cross-campus interdisciplinary seminars at the new Macaulay Center allows our students enriching opportunities to work and learn together, while they develop a deeper understanding of New York's rich cultural and intellectual history. For University Scholars, New York City is an extension of their classrooms; four "City Seminars" combine primary research and classroom discussions with hands-on experiences designed to enhance understanding of the institutions and people of NYC. For more information about the Macaulay Honors College at Hunter, email or call (212) 650-3556.

The Thomas Hunter Honors Program (THHP)

The Thomas Hunter Honors Program is the College’s upper-level interdisciplinary Honors program. Students in BA programs who have accumulated between 24 and 60 credits (at least 24 of which are Hunter credits) with a 3.65 or better cumulative GPA are invited to interview for admission to the Program. Three interdisciplinary honors colloquia are the core of the THHP. The colloquia, which change every semester, offer breadth of exposure and demonstrate how knowledge gained from a variety of disciplines can be related and integrated in an effort to understand complex processes and phenomena. All of these colloquia require at least one major paper in which students should apply the methodology of the course to material in an area of particular interest to them. "Special Honors Curriculum" appears on the transcripts of all students who are certified in the Thomas Hunter Honors Program. For more information about the Thomas Hunter Honors Program, email or call (212) 772-4127.

Departmental Honors

Hunter students can pursue honors within their major department through an in-depth research project or essay related to the discipline. Unless otherwise indicated, achieving departmental honors requires a minimum GPA of 3.5 in the major as well as fulfillment of the specific expectations established by the department. For each department's specific requirements, please visit their department website.

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