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Athena Honors Program

Who are Athena Scholars?

The Athena Honors Program at Hunter College provides a unique opportunity for academically talented students with a serious interest in gaining a deep understanding of the fundamental questions of life to draw on Hunter’s exceptional faculty, programs, and resources in philosophy, literature, culture, languages, and religion. Through a variety of classes, Athena Scholars explore such larger philosophical questions as: Does life have meaning? What makes our lives go well? Is everything relative? What distinguishes human beings from animals? Is happiness all that matters? How do works of literature pose philosophical questions? How can we live in freedom with dignity and self-respect? In the end, is the most important thing the kind of person we become? The in-depth study of these philosophically-oriented questions invites students to think across disciplines, to delve deeply into difficult subjects, and to examine topics that often are not addressed in classes structured according to particular academic disciplines.

The specially-designed freshmen and sophomore courses and activities available to Athena Scholars also allow students to hone their writing, oral, and critical thinking skills. Athena Scholars receive a significant tuition award for four years and preferred access to Hunter's residential housing and housing aid. Athena Scholars consult with a faculty mentor and academic advisor who will work to help them succeed at Hunter and to offer them guidance about graduate schools, career paths, and other academic and non-academic opportunities.

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