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Welcome to the Faculty Delegate Assembly


Welcome to the Faculty Delegate Assembly's website. We are keenly interested in your suggestions and updates to this new effort to provide a portal to Hunter College faculty resources. We are especially interested in your ideas for additional resources we can list or link to under the Faculty Matters tab.  Please send your suggestions to

Coffee Service for Fall '18 & Spring '19


The FDA is looking for eligible workstudy recipients to work in our lounge starting this September. If you know a trustworthy, responsible, and timely student (undergraduates and graduate students welcome), please shoot us an email (or have the student email us) at We need up to three students that can work in the lounge for at least two semesters. The student(s) would oversee the lounge coffee service by making coffee and tea and laying out cookies for faculty and staff members. The student(s) should be able to work at least two weekdays between the hours of 1:30-6 M-F--no weekends! Your continued help in donations and suggestions is what makes the lounge thrive.


Changes to Coffee Service/Lounge Closings

The lounge will be closed to visitors from July 6th to July 28th, 2018 due to scheduled events in the day and evening.

FDA General Meetings  (1203HE; 1:00—3:00)


Fall 2018

Sept 19 

Oct 17

Nov 21

Dec 12

Spring 2019

Feb 20 

Mar 20

Apr 17

May 15 



Dear colleagues

Please circulate this

The budget proposal that is being shaped in the White House promises to eliminate the National Endowment for the Humanities.  There are any number of groups such as CREDO which have on line protests.  Several professional organizations such as the American Historical Assn have asked members to send letters supporting the Endowment.

The Endowment even survived the Reagan years (by some miracle) and is one of the few areas of federal spending that supports the kinds of scholarship which is not covered by STEM type grants.

NEH summer grants and full year grants provided many CUNY faculty with the means to conduct scholarly work in history, literature, philosophy, religion, linguistics,  political science, etc.  The NEH has survived politicization (its board in the 1980s. was largely filled with right wing academics) and has supported decades of younger faculty since its creation.

If you can contact your representatives in congress directly, that would be best

Sandi Cooper
professor emerita, History  CSI and the GC
former chair, UFS


Dear Colleagues:

Chancellor Milliken released CUNY's Strategic Framework earlier today.  Much of what it encompasses we have already seen in the Master Plan.  At our most recent UFS Executive Meeting this past Tuesday we discussed a draft version with SVC Rabinowitz and relayed our concerns, amid other feedback, that the document did not specifically state the need for more full-time faculty.  While we had numerous comments, we made clear that full time faculty was at the forefront of our concerns. 

The Chancellor responded by editing the document to explicitly state the need for more full time faculty.

We have been told that the Strategic Framework is a living document, that it will be reviewed regularly and that feedback is welcome.  You can read the document at the link below and leave feedback.  I encourage you to read it and comment on it.  The Chancellor will attend our February 7th plenary and you will have a further opportunity then to ask questions and provide input.​

The Chancellor also taped a segment of Inside City Hall with NY1 host Errol Louis earlier today, which will air at 10 pm this evening and will be available for viewing later at

More to come...on the budget and other issues.  I look forward to seeing you on the 7th.


Dr. Katherine M. Conway
Business Management Department
Borough of Manhattan Community College
City University of New York
Fiterman Hall, Office 730H
245 Greenwich Street
New York, NY 10007






Draft of SAS bylaws and supplementary documents as well as meeting dates to discuss

SAS Bylaws Preliminary Draft
Summary of Preliminary Draft
Proposed SAS Governance Structure

Meeting Dates/Times:

Wednesday November 16:     10:30am-12pm in B126 Hunter West
Thursday November 17:         12-1:30pm in B126 Hunter West
Tuesday November 22:           1:30-3pm in B126 Hunter West








2016 FDA Executive Committe

President: John Wallach (Political Science)

  • John Wallach is a classically trained political theorist (Ph.D. in Politics, Program in Political Philosophy from Princeton University, 1981) attuned to historical, contemporary, and practical issues in political thought. He mostly teaches courses in ancient and contemporary political theory, focusing on political ethics, democratic theory, and the political theory of human rights. Before coming to Hunter in 1991, Wallach was a Visiting Assistant Professor at Yale University and Vassar College. His publications include The Platonic Political Art: A Study of Critical Reason and Democracy (Penn State Press, 2001); a co-edited volume (with J. Peter Euben and Josiah Ober), Athenian Political Thought and the Reconstruction of American Democracy (Cornell, 1994.) Currently, he is finishing a book of historical and theoretical studies on democracy and the good. Wallach has been a Liberal Arts Fellow in Political Science at Harvard Law School (1998-1999), recipient of a NEH Fellowship for College and University Teachers (2003-2004), and Director of a NEH Institute for College & University Teachers at The Graduate Center (Summer, 2006), on the subject of "Human Rights in Conflict: Interdisciplinary Perspective

Vice-President: Jochen Albrecht (Geography)

  • Jochen is an associate professor in the Geography Department. He joined Hunter College in 2005 and has been a member of the Hunter as well as the University Faculty Senate for the past six years. Following his interests, he serves on numerous committees both at the Hunter and the CUNY level (assessment, scholarly communications, computing/IT, educational technologies, etc.). He is an active researcher with 50 peer-reviewed publications and twenty years of teaching experience, including increasingly hybrid and online courses. He is running for a position on the FDA Executive Committee because he is concerned about the constant encroachment on the role of faculty at Hunter and CUNY and feel that the FDA needs all the support it can get to strengthen faculty representation.

Secretary: Debbie Sonu (Curriculum and Teaching)

  • Debbie Sonu is Assistant Professor in the Department of Curriculum and Teaching at Hunter College and doctoral faculty in the Urban Education Program at the Graduate Center, City University of New York. Her research interests include curriculum theory and practice as it relates to urban schooling and social justice pedagogies in the United States. She has served as department representative and secretary-elect for the FDA since 2009.

Committee Members:
Peter Dudek (Art)

  • Peter Dudek is an artist. He has been an Adjunct Associate Professor in the Hunter College Art Department since 1990 where he has taught Sculpture, Drawing, Art & Current Ideas, Graduate Seminar and a Seminar in Public Art. At Hunter he has also curated several exhibitions including: Dead-Fit Beauty, Photasm and Architecture, Architecture, Architecture.

    Information about his art works, curating and writing can be found on

    He is the Founder of the Adjunct Drinking Association, and has been active in the union concerning adjunct issues.

    Past teaching experiences include the School of Visual Arts and Haverford College.

Berndatte McCauley (History)

  • Bernadette McCauley   is a member of the history department and teaches the U.S. survey and courses in immigration history and the history of medicine and social welfare. She serves on the Thomas Hunter Faculty Council, is a member at-large of the College Senate and has been Secretary and President of the Faculty Delegate Assembly. She graduated from Hunter College where she majored in history, received her PhD at Columbia University and was a postdoctoral fellow at the Center for American Religion at Princeton. Her research focuses on the history of women religious and the history of caretaking and medicine; her current work examines the spirituality of American Catholic women and the paths that brought women to the religious life through the 1960’s.

Barry Zimmerman (Chemistry)




The results of the FDA report on hiring practices is now available.




The FDA passsed the following resolutions at its meeting on November 18th. The first concerns promotion to full Professor and the second to the COACHE survey.

The Faculty Delegate Assembly recognized discussion in the college regarding personnel procedures in consideration of promotion to full Professor. We encourage the college to proceed to follow the promotional schedule published by the Office of the Provost and consistent with the Charter of the college.

Be it resolved that the Faculty Delegate Assembly requests that the Hunter College Senate establish an ad hoc committee to obtain and review both qualitative and quantitative data and to report to the faculty body no later than the end of the 2015--2016 academic year.












Recent Events and Issues:

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  • Link to the most recent edition of the Faculty Voice.
  • Link the updated protocols for use of Hunter-L, passed by the Hunter Senate, May 2013.
  • Link to read the UFS crafted policy statement on the assigning of faculty-published texts.
  • Link to Instrumentation Summary of the COACHE Faculty Job Satisfaction Survey.
  • To renew your free NY Times digital subscription, please follow this link.
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