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How Does the FDA Work?

The FDA works to act on issues of concern to Hunter faculty. Faculty are always welcome to submit suggestions and concerns that they would like the Executive Committee to investigate. The concerns addressed range from such mundane issues as expanding hours for the photo-duplication room to “bigger” concerns, such as faculty teaching loads and tenure and promotion.

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To express concerns to the FDA, faculty can send an e-mail to or send their comments through campus mail to the FDA Administrative Office at 1414HE. Faculty may also request a meeting with any member of the FDA Executive Committee. A list of members of the current FDA Executive Committee may be found under Who Are the Members? on this website.  All such contacts to the FDA are treated as confidential.

The FDA Executive Committee meets the first Wednesday of each month to discuss general issues of the faculty and to plan the agenda for FDA General Faculty meetings (see “Meeting Schedule” for specific meeting dates this semester). Past Executive Committees have developed a Hunter-based survey of faculty concerns and planned forums addressing such topics as academic freedom, obtaining non-governmental grant funding, discussing the Hunter administration’s proposed grant-vetting process, and discussions about the proposed new science building.

The Executive Committee is also charged with the supervision of two spaces at the college - the "Solarium" (room 1413HE) and the Faculty/Staff Lounge (on the 8th floor of HW) - and attends to practical issues affecting the maintenance and use of these spaces. To reserve these spaces go to the Solarium or the Faculty/Staff Lounge.

While these meetings are generally open only to members of the Executive Committee, faculty who have issues they would like the FDA to consider (and which they would prefer to present here instead of the General Faculty meetings) may contact the FDA in advance, at

All faculty are welcome to attend the FDA General Faculty meetings, at which the FDA provides coffee and cookies. These meetings provide an opportunity for faculty to hear from various Hunter administrators and other colleagues about current issues (e.g., budget cuts, new CUNY-wide or Hunter initiatives, etc.).  When Hunter’s president attends, she presents a college update; when the provost attends, she offers an academic update. 

At each meeting, discussion of various resources affecting faculty will often be discussed (e.g., new library databases and other technologies, new ICIT programs, etc.). The final hour of most monthly meetings is devoted to a forum on a specific topic announced in advance, often led by an invited member of the Hunter community. Suggestions from faculty of topics that would have wide appeal to Hunter faculty are always appreciated.



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