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What Is The FDA?

The FDA serves all Hunter faculty - both full-time and adjunct - to address faculty concerns. Primary activities include monthly forums with campus administrators and offices (e.g., the President, the Provost, the Dean of Student Services, specialized research librarians) to discuss new resources and quality-of-life issues, as well as providing opportunities designed to assist faculty with their research and teaching needs (e.g., grant-writing workshops, presentations by ICIT on classroom technology).

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The Faculty Delegate Assembly, composed only of faculty members, was formed to express the will of the general faculty. Its membership consists of two faculty members elected by each academic department, the faculty members of the Administrative Committee of the Hunter College Senate, the members of the Executive Committee of the General Faculty (who also constitute the Executive Committee of the Faculty Delegate Assembly), and all Hunter delegates to the University Faculty Senate.

As set out in the Bylaws of the General Faculty, the Faculty Delegate Assembly works to know and articulate matters of academic and social concern to the Hunter Faculty. Unlike the Hunter College Senate, it has no legislative powers, but it can respond to faculty concerns and provide a forum for open consideration of significant issues; out of these discussions, policy may be formulated and passed forward for action by legislative bodies like the Hunter College Senate and the University Faculty Senate.




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