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Hunter Voicemail FAQ's

Here you will find answers to your questions about setting up your voicemail, recording your message, recording your name, and accessing your voicemail from off campus. The FDA would like to thank Brittnay Ehlers of ICIT for devising the guide below.


There are two websites that you will find useful when dealing with the telephone system:


  • This website you log in with your extension (with the one in front) and your name. For example: if your extension is 5678, you must enter it as 15678. You do not need the full name, just the first name works.
         -This will show you an image of your phone when you click 'My Phone' on the left side of the screen. The phone image is then interactive.
         You can click on any of the buttons and it will so you a video on how it functions.
         -The voice mail section also has some helpful videos.
  • This website you log in with your extension (with the one in front) and your voicemail pin number.
         - This website is most helpful for seeing a log of your voicemails.
         - Click 'Mail Client' at the top left side of the screen. In your inbox, you will see the voicemails left( from, the length, and the date)
         - It will be marked differently if you have not yet listened to the message
         - You can play the message audio through the computer as well

You can access your voicemail from off campus by dialing 212-396-MAIL. You will then have the same prompts you have as if you were on campus.
Any long distance requested must be submitted to, but the request must come from the chair/director of the department. The request must clarify if you need beyond tri-state or out of the country.
You can skip any of the menu's by pressing * and then the number. For example, *9, will allow you to complete the request for choice 9 without having to wait for the whole menu.
If you would like to have it set up to receive your voicemails via email, you can send a request to helpdesk with your full name and your full telephone number. Our telecom team prefers to complete this request for users.

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