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Full-Time Faculty

The faculty of the MLS Program are pleased to speak with students who may be interested in joining our program. If you are a current Hunter College student, transferring from within CUNY or another university in the U.S. or elsewhere, feel free to contact us by email.


EinheberSteven Einheber, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Program Director                                      

Professional Interests: Neuron-glial cell interactions that regulate myelin sheath formation and factors that contribute to myelin loss in neurological diseases. Studies utilize genetically engineered mouse lines, myelinating cultures and various biochemical, molecular and immunocytochemical techniques.


JohnstonDean Johnston, Ph.D.
Professor, Student Advisor

Professional Interests: Cancer immunology and immunotherapy, specifically applied to malignant melanoma, with the goal of development of effective "cancer vaccines". Approaches include a murine model for malignant melanoma to study boosting effective immune responses.


LiHongxing Li, MD, MS
Senior College Laboratory Technician

Professional Interests: Biological techniques in areas of protein biochemistry, molecular biology and cell culture. Develop and/or modify protocols for techniques used in medical and biological research.

LinderRegina Linder, Ph.D.
Professor Emerita

Professional Interests: The role of cytotoxic products of pathogenic bacteria in the infections they produce, especially, the participation of cholesterol oxidase in tissue damage by Rhodococcus equi, a rare AIDS opportunist; biomedical education.


MahajanShahana Mahajan, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Professional Interests: Study the mechanism of neuronal death due to excitotoxicity of AMPA receptors (subtype of glutamate receptors), one of the underlying causes of neurodegenerative disease, such as Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). Development of therapeutic strategies employing peptide drugs to reduce toxicity of AMPA receptors. Study the regulation of Ca2+ permeability through AMPA receptors by RNA editing of GluR2 and factors that influence RNA editing of GluR2.


McIntyreCamille McIntyre, BS, CLS
Chief College Laboratory Technician

Professional Interests: Diagnostic microbiology; professional options which derive from biomedical science education, and reeducation of laboratory practitioners.


OreskesIrwin Oreskes, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus

Professional Interests: Protein denaturation and aggregation reactivity of human rheumatoid factors with altered IgG. Member: CUNY Doctoral Faculty in Biochemistry since 1972.


RaffanielloRobert Raffaniello, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Professional Interests: Examining the molecular mechanisms involved with secretion, including the role of small GTP-binding proteins and signal transduction pathways in exocytosis. Laboratory also studying the relationship between Helicobacter pylori infection and gastric cancer in patients at inner city hospitals in New York City. These studies include genotyping H. pylori strains in patient samples, analysis of various host factors and relating this information to the occurrence of precancerous changes in the gastric mucosa.


RyanPatricia Ryan, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Professional Interests: Studies focus on the pathogenesis of group A streptococci and the specific human factors that influence susceptibility to streptococcal pharyngeal infections. Molecular tools, including custom oligonucleotide microarrays and real-time quantitative PCR, are combined with novel computational algorithms to assess streptococcal gene regulation during initial stages of infection. Current studies focus on the interactions of streptococci with pharyngeal epithelial cells and salivary (mucus) secretions.

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MLS is offering a new Advanced Certificate in Cytotechnology in collaboration with Memorial Sloan Kettering beginning in Fall 2015. The application deadline is June 1st, 2015. For application details, please visit Hunter College's Graduate Admissions here

The Fall 2015 application deadline for the Masters in Biomedical Laboratory Management (BLM) is April 15th. Non-degree options are also available. For application details, please visit Hunter College's Graduate Admissions at

The next application cycle for the Advanced Certificate in Medical Technology (AC) has a deadline of March 1st, 2016.