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Course Descriptions

MLS 300 Fundamental Concepts and Techniques in the Medical Laboratory
3 hrs, 3 cr

Prereq: BIOL 100, 102 CHEM 102, 103, 104, 105 or equivalent
Function of the medical laboratory, data analysis and operation of basic laboratory equipment.

MLS 312 Human Physiology: Integration and Control
3 hrs, 3 cr

Prereq: BIOL 100 and 102
Study of function at cellular, systemic, and organismic level, with emphasis on the integrated organism and associated control systems.

MLS 347 Human Histology
5 hrs (2 hr lecture, 3 hr lab), 3 cr

Coreq: MLS 312
Structure and function of normal human tissues and cells, including systemic study of microscopic morphology.

MLS 348 Histology Laboratory
3 hrs, 1 cr

Prereq or Coreq: MLS 347, preparation of tissues for microscopy
Special staining techniques.

MLS 349 Hematology
5 hrs (2 hr lecture, 3 hr lab), 3 cr

Prereq or Coreq: MLS 353; Prereq: MLS 312
Study of normal and pathological conditions of blood. Use of current diagnostic techniques such as peripheral blood and bone marrow differential counting and blood banking.

MLS 351 Clinical Microbiology I
5 hrs (2 hr lecture, 3 hr lab), 3 cr.

Prereq: BIOL 100, 102 CHEM 102, 103, 104, 105 or faculty permission
Properties and mechanisms of pathogenesis of microorganisms associated with disease and the antimicrobial agents used to control them; laboratory diagnosis of bacterial infection.

MLS 352 Clinical Microbiology II
5 hrs (2 hr lecture, 3 hr lab), 4 cr

Prereq: MLS 351 or equivalent
Continuation of MLS 351 with particular emphasis on anaerobic bacteria, fungi, and viruses, including molecular methods.

MLS 353 Clinical Laboratory Instrumental Analysis
2 hrs, 2 cr

Coreq: CHEM 222, PHY 110, MLS 300 or equivalent
Principles of analytical instrumentation including study of photometrics, electroanalysis, particle counting, chemical analyzers.

MLS 354 Clinical Biochemistry I
5 hrs (2 hr lecture, 3 hr lab), 3.5 cr

Prereq: MLS 353, CHEM 222
Normal and pathological human chemical processes. Clinical chemistry methodologies applied to biological specimens.

MLS 355 Clinical Biochemistry II
5 hrs (2 hr lecture, 3 hr lab), 3.5 cr

Prereq: MLS 354
Continuation of MLS 354.

MLS 361 Computers and Data Processing in the Medical Laboratory
3 hrs
(1 hr lecture, 2 hrs lab), 3 cr
Prereq: MATH 150 or STAT 113; Coreq: MLS 353
Study of computer integration in the medical and research lab, data compilation and medical information systems.

MLS 400 Topics in Biomedical Sciences
1-3 hrs, 1-3 cr

Topics vary from semester to semester and are announced before registration.

MLS 410 Professional Practice
8 weeks, 4 cr

Prereq: permission of the director
Directed full-time experience in clinical laboratories, public health or other biomedical laboratories. Arranged on individual basis.

MLS 420 Fundamentals of Pathology
2 hrs, 2 cr

Prereq: BIOL 100, 102, MLS 347, 349, 351, 352, 354, MLS 312 or equivalent
General pathology: alterations occurring after injury or disease. Relation between pathological and clinical findings.

MLS 450 Cell and Tissue Culture
5 hrs (2 hr lecture, 3 hr lab), 4 cr

Prereq: MLS 351; coreq: MLS 347, 352
Cell and tissue culture theory and techniques, including starting primary cultures, passing and preservation of cells, cytotoxicity assays and monoclonal antibody techniques.

MLS 454 Parasitology
5 hrs (2 hr lecture, 3 hr lab), 3 cr

Prereq: MLS 351
Ecology, life cycle, physiology, and identification of intestinal, blood, tissue, and ectoparasites of humans.

MLS 457 Senior Seminar
3 hrs lecture, 3 hrs lab, 3 cr

Oral presentations and a written research proposal introduce students to the use of the biomedical literature, research design, and effective scientific communication.

MLS 459 Viral Mechanisms in Human Disease
2 hrs, 2 cr

Prereq: MLS 351 and 352 or equivalent
Structure and replication of viruses, viruses as models in molecular biology.

MLS 460 Immunology
5 hrs (2 hr lecture, 3 hr lab), 3 cr

Prereq: MLS 349, 351, 352, 354
Cellular reactions in immunology, structure of antibodies and antigens, and laboratory determination of immune functions.

MLS 480.1, 480.2, 480.3
1, 2, and 3 credits respectively

Prereq: permission of the director
Independent Study Hours TBA.

MLS 490 Honors
Hours TBA, 3 cr

Prereq: permission of the director

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Information session for the BLM and other CUNY PSM degrees takes place on Thursday October 9th from 5:30 - 7pm at the CUNY Welcome Center (205 East 42nd Street at 3rd Avenue) in Room 818. 

The deadline for the Masters in Biomedical Laboratory Management (BLM) is November 1st for the Spring 2015 semester. 

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The next application cycle for the Advanced Certificate in Medical Technology (AC) has a deadline of March 1st, 2015.