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Undergraduate Students


Degree Audit Application Forms

Note: Students planning to graduate must complete a Degree Audit form.

DAAF Instructions for Undergraduate Students

DAAF Cancellation Form

DAAF Bachelor of Arts-GER

DAAF Bachelor of Arts- Hunter Core

DAAF Bachelor of Arts-School of Education

DAAF Joint BA/MA-School of Education

DAAF Bachelor of Arts Certificate-Public Policy Program

DAAF Bachelor of Science-Accounting

DAAF Bachelor of Science-Community Health Education

DAAF Bachelor of Science/Master of Science-Gerontological Nurse/Adult Nurse Practitioner

DAAF Bachelor of Science-Medical Laboratory Sciences

DAAF Bachelor of Science-Medical Laboratory Sciences (Clinical Lab)

DAAF Bachelor of Science-Medical Laboratory Sciences (BioMed)

DAAF Bachelor of Science-Nutrition and Food Science

DAAF Bachelor of Science/Master of Science Dual Degree in Nutrition

DAAF Bachelor of Science-Nursing Generic Pathway

DAAF Bachelor of Science-Nursing RN Pathway

DAAF Bachelor of Science in Nursing (QCC/Hunter Joint Degree in Nursing)

Degree Audit Application Forms-Matriculated Prior to Fall 2001

Health Careers Prep - Post Baccalaureate DAAF

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Educational Transcripts, Records, and Forms

Change of Name on Diploma Form

Diploma Mailer

Repeating Courses (F Repeat)
With the implementation of CUNYFirst, the college now has the facility to implement the F repeat policy automatically at the end of each semester and, therefore, it is no longer necessary for the student to complete a form. Please follow this link for more information.

Directory Information Non-Disclosure Form

Duplicate Diploma Mailer

FERPA Consent to Release Educational Records

Request for CUNY Skills Scores

On-Line Transcript Request

Transcript Request Form


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Financial Information and Forms

Stop Payment Request Form

Tuition Commitment Deposit Refund Request Form

Financial Aid Forms

Clarification of Marital Status Form - Dependent Student

Clarification of Marital Status Form - Independent Student

Clarification of Support Form - Dependent Student

Clarification of Support Form - Independent Student

Dependency Appeal Form

Direct Deposit Authorization Form

Direct Loan Decline Form

Direct Stafford Loan Applications and Forms

Expense and Resource Worksheet

FAFSA (if you click this link you'll be leaving Hunter website)

Information Release Authorization Form

Net Worth of Assets Worksheet

Pell Grant Chart

Perkins Loan Forms

Professional Income Adjustment Worksheet - Dependent Student

Professional Income Adjustment Worksheet - Independent Student

Scholarship Application Forms

Summer Pell Grant Request

Tuition Payment Plan Application

Verification Worksheets

Standard Verification Worksheet - Dependent and Independent Student

Dependent Students

V1. Verification Worksheet - Dependent Student

V3. Verification of Child Support Paid - Dependent Student

V4. Custom Verification Worksheet - Dependent Student

V5. Aggregate Verification Worksheet - Dependent Student

V6. Household Resources Verification Worksheet - Dependent Student

Independent Students

V1. Verification Worksheet - Independent Student

V3. Verification of Child Support Paid - Independent Student

V4. Custom Verification Worksheet - Independent Student

V5. Aggregate Verification Worksheet - Independent Student

V6. Household Resources Verification Worksheet - Independent Student

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Personal Information, Records, and Forms

Affidavit of Intent to Legalize Immigration Status

Change of Name, Address, or ID Number Form

Immunization Form

NYS Residency Application

Voter Registration Form

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Registration Information, Forms, and Instructions

Registration Appeal Form

Registration Instructions

Majors, Minors, and Courses

Course Deletion Request

Course Repeat Form

Credit/No Credit Form

Credit Overload Request

Hunter Core Focus/Concentrated Study Declaration Form

Please visit your MyHunter account to declare a Hunter Core Focus/Concentrated Study. Focused Study is a Hunter Core Requirement for students with only one major and no minor.

Please remember: This is not a Major Declaration.

If you are having difficulty filing the Hunter Core Focus/Concentrated Study Declaration at your MyHunter account, you may download the paper form at

We suggest that you visit your MyHunter account or visit the Office of Advising Services, Room 1119 East Building if you require more information.

Major Declaration Form

Minor Declaration Form

WN Grade Fact Sheet

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Residence Hall Information and Forms

Dorm Credit Card Fax Authorization Sheet

Dorm Power of Attorney Form

Dorm Room Application Form

Dorm Room Commitment Deposit Form

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