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Classifications & Group Numbers

Classifications (i.e. Upper Senior, Lower Senior, Graduate degree) and group numbers are arrived at by adding last semester's attempted credits to credits previously earned and matching the total of these figures to the table listed as follows:

Group (Classification) Credits Group (Classificaton) Credits
1 (LWFR) 0-15 5(LWJR) 61-75
2 (UPFR) 15.5-27.5 6 (UPJR) 75.5-93.5
3 (LWSO) 28-45 7 (LWSR) 94-108
4(UPSO) 45.5-60.5 8 (UPSR) 108.5+

Do not count "INC", "ABS", "F", "FIN", "FAB", "WU", "NC", "W", "R", "Y", when arriving at credits earned. The above information appears on the preprinted registration mailer sent to you prior to registration.

NOTE: Your group number and classification determine when you are permitted to register. 

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