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Accelerated BA/MA Physics Program


Course of Study
Students wishing to continue on for a Doctoral Degree in Physics should complete the accelerated BA/MA program. In addition to the 26 credits required by the Physics BA Program, 30 Credits of masters-level courses plus a thesis are required for an MA degree.

Level One of Program:
Complete 26 credits of required BA Physics courses.

Level Two of Program:
These courses serve as a bridge between the corresponding 300 and 700 level courses.

  • PHYS 625: Introduction to Quantum Theory [3 cr. ]
  • PHYS 605: Theoretical Physics [3 cr.]
  • PHYS 615: Electricity/Magnetism (Level II) [3 cr. ]

Note: A maximum of 6 credits in this level can be used toward the MA degree.

Level Three of Program:
(All 16 credits are required.)

  • PHYS 701: Mathematical Physics (Graduate Level) [4 cr. ]
  • PHYS 711: Analytical Dynamics (Graduate Level) [4 cr. ]
  • PHYS 715: Electricity and Magnetism I (Graduate Level) [4 cr. ]
  • PHYS 725: Quantum Mechanics I (Graduate Level) [4 cr. ]

Recommended Sequence Courses by Subject

Electricity and Magnetism:

  • PHYS 334
  • PHYS 615
  • PHYS 715

Atomic and Quantum Mechanics:

  • PHYS 330
  • PHYS 625
  • PHYS 725

Mathematical Physics Courses:

  • MATH 254
  • PHYS 605
  • PHYS 701

Thesis Requirement
A Masters thesis is required to complete the BA/MA program. This research work is done under the supervision of a physics faculty advisor. It is recommended students begin work on thesis research as early as possible by discussing the various possible areas of research with members of the faculty. Instead of a thesis, a student may elect to take a comprehensive examination covering the material in the required 700 level courses. However, this is not recommended, as the research experience gained in the thesis work is important as a gauge of the student's ability to do further research. Also, a completed MA thesis is a written work which is useful for employment purposes. It is possible to receive course credits for this research with faculty permission.

Research Courses: PHYS 771, 772 and PHYS 773: Research in Physics [1 cr-4 cr. See advisor.]


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