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Faculty & Staff

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Departmental Contact Information

695 Park Avenue, 1225 Hunter North
New York, NY 10065
Tel: (212) 772-5248
Fax: (212) 772-5390


Department Contacts

Professor  Min Xu
Graduate Admissions Professor János Bergou
and Professor Yuhang Ren
Graduate Advisor Professor Godfrey Gumbs
Undergraduate (BA and BA/MA) Advisor
Professor Mark Hillery
Pre-Engineering Advisor Professor  Ying-Chih Chen
BioPhysics Advisor Professor Min Xu
Transfer Credit Evaluation Professor Steven Greenbaum
Physics 110/111/120/121 Coordinators
Professor Yonatan Abranyos
Astronomy 100/102 Coordinator Professor Kelle Cruz
Teacher Opportunity Program Coordinator Professor Ying-Chih Chen
Colloquia Organizer Professor János Bergou
Representative to the Curriculum Committee Professor Yuhang Ren
Faculty Adviser for the Physics Club  Professor Kelle Cruz 
Representatives to the Senate Professor Kelle Cruz, and Professor  Godfrey Gumbs

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Name Position Office Phone Email Research Area
 Ying-Chih Chen Professor 1236 HN Office: 212-772-4526 Lab: 212-772-5249 Experimental optics, laser physics, laser devices and spectroscopy
Yonatan Abranyos Assistant Professor 1214B 212-772-5372 Astronomy
János Bergou Professor 1205 HN 212-772-5254 Quantum optics, non-linear optics and intense field quantum electrodynamics
Kelle Cruz Associate Professor 1227 HN Main: 917-725-1334
Hunter ext: 1-6486 Observational Astronomy
Steven Greenbaum Professor 1220B HN 212-772-4973 Magnetic resonance (NMR, EPR) spectroscopy, materials science and energy storage applications
Godfrey Gumbs University Distinguished Professor and Maria A. Chianta and Alice M. Stoll Professor. 1247 HN 212-650-3935 Theoretical condensed matter physics, transport properties and mesoscopic systems
Mark Hillery Professor 1215 HN 212-772-5253 Quantum optics and Quantum Information
Frank Owens
Research Professor

Yuhang Ren Professor 1204 HN 212-772-5258 Electronic Materials, Nonlinear Femtosecond Laser Spectroscopy and Condensed Matter Physics
Min Xu Professor 1233 HN 212-772-4591 Photonics, Biomedical imaging across scales, Computational sensing and diagnosis, and Biophysics 

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Retired Faculty

Name Position Email Reseach Areas
Bo Lawergren Professor Emeritus Archaeology of Music in the Old World, Musical Acoustics
Marilyn Wiesen Rothschild Professor Emeritus
Rodney Varley Professor Emeritus

Theoretical plasma physics and theoretical non-equilibrium statistical mechanics of liquids
Leon Cohen Professor
Quantum mechanics and time-frequency analysis

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Administrative and Instructional Staff

Name Position Office Phone Email Office Hours
Dazhane Bryant
Interim Program Coordinator 1224 HN 212-650-3029

Yevgeniy Skrypnyk Chief College Laboratory Technician 1242 HN 212-650-3433
Phys Info Department Inbox

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Research Staff

Name Office Phone Email

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