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Course Description

Physics 110 is an algebra-based Introductory Physics Course: 4.5 credits – 7 hrs/week

(lecture -3 hrs,  lab.-3 hrs, recitation-1 hr).   Prereq:  Math 125,126 or equiv. by Math Dept. exam.

This is the first semester of a two-semester, introductory physics course without calculus.  Physics 110 and its sequel, Physics 120, are appropriate for pre-med and other students requiring two semesters of physics in preparation for the health professions, some science majors, etc.

Topics covered in Physics 110 include: description of motion in one and two dimensions; vectors; Newton’s laws of motion, gravitation; circular motion; work and energy; momentum; rotational motion; equilibrium; fluids; vibrations and waves; sound; temperature and kinetic theory; heat; and the laws of thermodynamics.

·   All course information will be available on Web-Assign.  You must have a HC email address to access these sites.   []

·   Students are encouraged to do the designated readings before the lecture.

·   Expect to spend a lot of time preparing for this class!  Generally, for each class hour, anticipate studying at least 3-4 hours.

·   Homework problems will be assigned

a)   using Web-Assign and will be graded on-line and,

b)   additional problems may be selected to be handed in and graded.

   Solving problems is a very essential component of any physics course and you are strongly encouraged to do all the homework problems assigned AND MORE

·   Solutions to some of the problems will be provided after the assignments are due. 

·   Short quizzes will be given either during the recitation hour or during the lecture hour. The dates/times of the quizzes will be announced in advanced.

·   Attendance WILL BE REQUIRED/OR strongly recommended for both the lecture and the recitation classes.

TUTORING and resource materials are available in the Physical Sciences Learning Center – B1 level of the Library on a walk-in basis.  A schedule will be posted during the second week of classes.

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