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Physics 330

Atomic & Nuclear Physics

Textbook:   Modern Physics for Scientists and Engineers, by Taylor, Zafiratos, Dubson, Prentice-Hall, Second Edition © 2004 ISBN0-13-805715-X

Other Texts:  There are many “standard” textbooks for this class, all called Modern Physics. Three examples have authors Bernstein, Fishbane and Gasiorowicz; Thornton and Rex; Tipler and Llewellyn. We will study roughly the same topics, so you will probably find it useful to consult any or all of these books. They are all OK, but the approach we will take is to reduce the number of topics but try to go into a little more depth. But I believe it will be worth your time to look through these as well as reading the texts. I’ll try to indicate where you should look. In addition, I will post the lecture notes on the web after I give the lectures. However, I advise you not to rely on these over your own notes and the textbooks.

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