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Physics 415

Physics 415/615: Electromagnetic Theory   -  Fall 2007

Location: Room 1311 HN

Lecture Times:  Tu and Th: 4.10pm - 5.25pm


Instructor:      Neepa Maitra 

                      phone: 212-650-3518
                      office: 1214E HN

                     Note: email is the best way to reach me

Office hoursTu and Th: 3.15pm - 4pm,  or by appointment.

Text: Introduction to Electrodynamics, by David J. Griffiths (3rd Ed), (Prentice-Hall 1999).


      Homework                       25%

      Midterm Exams                40%

      Final Exam                       35%

   Homework: Will be assigned about every two weeks, and due about a week later. Collaboration with your peers is encouraged, but independent solutions must be handed in for credit. Homeworks will be posted here.

   Midterms: Two mid-term in-class exams: Thu Oct 11 and Tue Nov 13 (Probably).

   Final Exam:  TBA.

   Syllabus: on reverse side        

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Neepa Maitra, Assistant Professor, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Hunter College and City University of New York, August 2007.



Book chapter

Review of vector analysis and differential calculus

Vector algebra, differential and integral calculus, curvilinear coordinates, Dirac delta function



Electric field. Divergence and curl of electrostatic fields, electric potential, work and energy in electrostatics, conductors, etc.


Special techniques

Laplace equation and boundary conditions, method of images, separation of variables, and multipole expansion.


Electric Fields in Matter

Dielectrics, induced dipoles, polarization, the field of a polarized object, the electric displacement, and linear dielectrics.



The Lorentz force, the Biot-Savart law, the divergence and curl of magnetic field, and magnetic vector potential.


Magnetic Fields in Matter

Magnetization, the field of magnetized object, the auxiliary field, linear and nonlinear media.



Electromotive force, electromagnetic induction, Maxwell’s equations.


Conservation Laws

Charge and Energy, Momentum


Electromagnetic Waves

Waves in 1d, EM waves in a vacuum


Extra topics if time

Potentials and fields, gauge transformations