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The mission of the Microscopy Laboratory at Hunter College is to elucidate the structure and function of neuronal systems by innovative visualization technology. Three research areas are currently at focus. 1) Measuring the architecture of the microtubules in the retinal ganglion cells. We recently demonstrated that a nonlinear optical process in the retina provides a unique intrinsic signal, by which early events of neurodegeneration (such as glaucoma) may be detected. We are testing the utility of these findings for in vivo animal models. 2) Label-free imaging of myelin in vivo. We are studying the basic biophysics underlying myelin growth in a quantitative manner. 3) Molecular imaging of live neurons in deep mouse brain. We are investigating the use of newly developed proteins for visualizing the neuronal network. To achieve these goals, we are broadly interested in novel optical techniques from light-emitting molecules to medical instrumentation.
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Supported by NIH and the BrightFocus Foundation

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