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Dr. Yuhang Ren

Office Address:
695 Park Avenue, Room 1204 HN
New York, NY 10065

Phone: 212 772-5258
Fax: 212 772-5390

Office Hours for Fall 2014:  

M, Th 1-2 PM





The focus of Dr. Ren’s studies is to create new ideas for generating a robust prototype fabrication process for low-cost thin film solar cells in terms of reliability, uniformity, and conversion efficiency. Dr. Ren develops CIGS and CSI thin films from nanocrystals created using a solution-based-chemistry approach.
He applies the newest techniques in ultrafast pump-probe laser spectroscopy to study the energy conversion and transfer processes in the absorbing layer to aid the design, synthesis, and optimization of thin film solar cells. The time-resolved spectroscopic measurements will allow him to investigate local phenomena such as those occurring at grain boundaries that determine the overall conversion efficiency of solar cells.
Dr. Ren has also created ultrafast spectroscopic optical techniques to answer questions regarding the complex magnetization reversal, the mechanism of ultrafast demagnetization, and the spin relaxation processes in magnetic nanostructures. He developed a nanometer-resolution, ultrafast spectroscopic near-field technique to investigate the spin and magnetization dynamics in the individual magnetic element and to realize the coherent control of laser-induced processes.
Most recently, Dr. Ren actively collaborates with research groups from Weill-Cornell Medical College to develop a novel therapeutic approach towards cellular energy maintenance. He applies state-of-art optical technologies to study a biological process that is fundamental to life.

The Material Fabrication & Ultrafast Optics Group


CLASSES FOR 2005 - 2014

Fall 2010
Physics 121: Introduction to Electricity, Magnetism, Light, & Quantum Physics

Spring 2010
Physics 111: General Physics: Introductory Course in Mechanics, Heat, and Sound

Fall 2008, 2014
Physics 334: Intermediate Electricity & Magnetism

Spring 2008
Physics 120: General Physics: Introduction to Electricity and Magnetism

Fall 2005, 2007, and Spring 2009
Physics 121: Introduction to Electricity, Magnetism, Light, & Quantum Physics

Spring 2006, 2007
Physics 111: General Physics: Introductory Course in Mechanics, Heat, and Sound

Fall 2006, 2009
Physics 330: Atomic & Nuclear Physics

Fall 2012

Physics 445/645: Solid Sate Physics

Education History

Postdoctoral Research Fellow: Oct. 2003 -Sept. 2005, at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI ( Advisor: Prof. Roberto Merlin)

Ph.D in Laser & Optics (and Surface & Interface), Applied Science Dep. May 09, 2003
College of William & Mary, USA
Time-Resolved Optical Studies of Colossal Magneto-Resistance and Charge- Density Wave Materials ( Advisor : Prof. Gunter Lüpke)

Ph. D in Condensed Matter Physics, Physics Dep. May 26, 1999
Zhejiang University, China
Confined Polaron in Low-dimensional Semiconductor Heterojunctions ( Honored )
: Prof. Qirui Zhang and Prof. Zhengkuan Jiao)


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