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Recent News

Our paper: "Demonstration of ultra-high recyclable energy densities in domain-engineered ferroelectric films" is published online in Nature Communications (Dec. 2017).

Our paper:"Optimization of the defects and the nonradiative lifetime of GaAs/AlGaAs double heterostructures", is published online in Journal of Applied Physics (Oct. 2017).

Prof. Ren was awarded a AFOSR DURIP grant: "Ultraviolet to mid-infrared nonlinear spectroscopy" 2017-2018 

Prof. Ren and his collaborator, Prof. Steve Greenbaum were awarded a AFOSR research grant: "Nonlinear optical imaging of coupled breakdown dynamics in dielectrics and ferroelectrics", 2017-2020.

Mr. David Ascienzo passed his Ph.D defence. Congratulations! Dr. Ascienzo.

Mr. Tony Lv joined our research group as a Ph.D. student.

 Our paper: "Nonlinear optical detections of structural distortions at degraded Fe-doped SrTiO3 interfaces", is published online in Material Chemistry and Physics (May 2017).

Prof. Ren was awarded a 2017 NY Powerbridge grant (2017-2018).

 Our paper: "Probing electrocolored Fe-doped SrTiO3 bulks using optical second harmonic generation", is published online in Acta Materialia (March 2017).

Our paper: "Printable and flexible phototransistors based on blend of organic semiconductor and biopolymer", is published online in Advanced Functional Materials (March 2017).

Our paper: "Experimental demonstration of 55-fs spin canting in photoexcited iron nanoarrays", is published online in Applied Physics Letters (Feb. 2017). 

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