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About the Program

PSSP is a one-year, 12-credit program for Hunter college juniors and seniors interested in exploring public service as a career. The core of PSSP is an internship in a public or non-profit agency or elected official's office, paired with academic seminars and educational instruction on career and policy issues of concern to New York City. Students enroll for a full academic year, from September to May, and receive a stipend, depending on funding.


PSSP offers internship placements in a wide range of non-profit and government agencies and elected official's offices. Students work at their internship placements 20 hours per week from September through May of the program year.

Internships are substantive and policy related, giving students the opportunity to work alongside and learn from professionals who develop strategies to manage pressing urban problems.

Placements vary each year, depending on the interests of students and the needs of agencies. Click here for a list of current placements.

Academic Seminars

PSSP (2)

Participating students enroll in two year-long seminars, open only to Public Service Scholars. The courses use classroom learning to complement the internship experience, engaging the students in active, experiential learning about urban policy issues.

The In-Service (Internship) Seminar identifies and examines the types of learning that occur in the internship, including development of skills in management, problem solving, policy analysis, networking, time management, fundraising and performance evaluation. This is a 3-credit per semester course.

The In-Service Seminar is taught by Professor Elaine Walsh.

Seminar on the City provides an historical, political and economic context for the region's major policy issues. It introduces students to the complexities of New York City's governance and its public service sectors.

Students develop a framework and tools for addressing relevant questions about the functions of the city, drawing on lectures, speakers, readings, field visits, interviews and internship experiences. This is a 3-credit per semester course.

The Seminar on the City is taught by adjunct professors chosen for their depth of experience in New York City, regional and national policy making. Recent adjunct professors have included the Honorable Ruth Messinger, Council Member Gale Brewer, and Miriam Burns.

Career Exploration and Networking

Career advancement events and activities arm graduates with the skills, knowledge and connections to enter the public service workforce and advance in their careers.

Public Service Scholars have access to high-achieving and respected public service professionals--experts in their fields, who are the scholars' supervisors, co-workers, mentors and classroom instructors.

PSSP also hosts career and graduate education workshops and networking events; pairs students with public service mentors; and offers access to an extensive alumni network.

News & Views

Keep up to date with PSSP with our recent newsletters.

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