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Reservation Request

Reservation requests for the Silberman building are submitted online. Access to the online Silberman building reservation system must be granted by a Dean, Department Chair or the Registrar.

For all Silberman building reservation inquiries, please email

Silberman Building Room Schedule

Silberman Class & Event Schedule - Displays the location and time of classes and events in the Silberman building. Special access is not required.

Silberman Building Reservation Request Forms

Priority Reservation Request Form - This form tentatively reserves the requested space upon submission until confirmed by the Registrar. Access to this form must be authorized by a Dean or the Registrar.

Standard Reservation Request Form - This form does not tentatively reserve a space upon submission and the requestor should indicate the space(s) they prefer. Space is allocated by the Registrar.

Dean's Conference Room Form - This form is restricted only to the offices of the Dean of Social Work and the Dean of the Public Health.