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Personal Counseling Services
Personal Counseling Services provides free and confidential personal counseling services to Hunter College students. Personal counselors can help students with stress, depression, anxiety, adjustment, relationships, grief, family, gender issues, sexual harassment/assault, and life changes.
1123 East Building, (212) 772-4931

The Office of AccessABILITY provides support, guidance and academic services for students with documented disabilities and medical conditions.
1124 East Building, (212) 772-4857

Center for Student Achievement
The Center for Student Achievement provides benefits information and support services for veterans experiencing academic difficulties, as well as workshops and individual assistance on study skills and related topics that are tailored to veteran students’ needs. It also provides space for veteran students’ events.
417 West Building, (212) 772-4890

Academic Advising
The Office of Advising Services offers guidance with information and advisement related to course and program requirements, curricular offerings, college procedures, regulations and policies.
1119 East Building, (212) 772-4882

Career Development Services
The Career Development Center provides career counseling and internship coordination services for students and alumni.
815 East Building, (212) 772-4850

Health and Wellness
Health Services provides walk-in services for health concerns, vaccinations, affordable follow-up care with EMTs and emergency health care. Health Education resources and programs are also available.
307 North Building, (212) 772-4800