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Tuition and Funding


Depending on credits towards the PhD degree completed and the number of credits being carried, tuition for New York State residents varies and for out of-state and foreign students, the comparable range in tuition is about twice of that of in-state residents. Tuition is typically included in funding packages (4 or 5 years of guaranteed funding of stipend and tuition) for accepted graduate student candidates in our program.


  1. Teaching Assistantships (these do not automatically cover tuition remission but every effort is made to provide waivers of the in-state portion):
    • Type A involves assisting in or lecturing in two sections/courses
    • Type B involves assisting in or lecturing in a single section/course
    • Type C involves teaching two sections/courses
  2. CUNY Science fellowships (5 years of guaranteed funding, pending satisfactory progress). This includes a Graduate Fellow A support and an in-state tuition waiver for advanced year candidates. 
  3. Special fellowship programs administered by The Graduate School include the Robert F. Gilleece Fellowship, available to any incoming full-time doctoral students who demonstrates exceptional academic promise.
  4. MAGNET Program Fellowships, designated for minority applicants. Some Magnet Fellowship funds may be used to supplement other support lines.
  5. Adjunct teaching lines (lines made available through the Department of Psychology to the Biopsychology Program, include health insurance for student adjuncts).
  6. RCMI scholarships (open to US citizens and permanent residents).
  7. Minority Training and Research programs in the sciences (MBRS and MIDARP provide supervised research experience to minority graduate students). MBRS can be applied to any field of biopsychology research. Students participating in these programs are matched to a laboratory through an interactive process between student, coordinator and preceptors. Students enrolled in MBRS receive a stipend, tuition waiver, travel funds, and laboratory supplies over a period of five years. MIDARP students receive a stipend for a period of five years. (Funding through MIDARP is restricted to research on drug addiction.)  We still require a full year (2 semesters of teaching) for research fellows.
  8. External doctoral fellowships. We STRONGLY encourage all potential applicants to seek out external funding sources for doctoral and graduate fellowships (National Science Foundation, NIH, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Fulbright Foundation, FORD Foundation, etc), in consultation with potential faculty mentors at GC CUNY/Hunter College. External fellowships provide prestigious support for graduate research and provide dedicated years for advanced studies.


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