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Computer Science Facilities & Labs

Instructional Equipment and Facilities

All computer science students can use any of the general-purpose labs throughout Hunter College. In addition, computer science majors and students enrolled in any of CSCI 127, 132, 135, 136, or 232, or BIOL 375 or 425 can obtain an account on the Computer Science Department Network. Having an account on the network entitles the student to 24/7 access to "Lab 1001-B", as well as remote access through the network portal.  Learn more about the Lab and about the rules and regulations which govern its use HERE.

The "B" lab, affectionately referred to as Bletchley Park, is located on the tenth floor of the HUnter North Building, consists of 30 Dell Precision T3500n computers with 2-GB RAM, 256-MB ATI FireMV 2260 graphics cards, 2.4-GHz Dual Core Processors, and 19-inch Ultrasharp 1908FP monitors running RHEL 5.5 on a gigabit network.

There is a Dell PowerEdge T610 file server running RHEL 5.5 with 12-GB RAM, two quad processor Xenon 2.4 GHz processors and eight 600-GB 10k RPM SCSI hard drives.

The network portal is a Dell PowerEdge dual-processor with 1-GB RAM. The MySQL server is a Dell R200 2.8 GHz Xenon processor with 8-GB RAM running RHEL5 with two 146-GB SCSI hard drives.


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