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Welcome to the Open House(s)

You're on this page, we presume, because you're trying to find out what our deal is and how things work at Hunter. And because we happen to think the best way to discover this is to hear from the people already in the program, who can give you actual rather than quasi-official or vaguely self-promoting answers, the first thing we do is encourage you to watch our 2023 Open House sessions: Welcome & Fiction, Creative Nonfiction, Poetry.

You may want to view our 2022 Open House sessions as well: Welcome & Fiction, Creative Nonfiction, Poetry.

And check out our 2021 Open Houses.

Whether you tune in now or later, you'll hear from our students what the program is really like. What will you learn? Are the students full of attitude? Are the professors? How is Hunter different? Can you get a degree and keep a job? Will you get the help you really need? Who will your professors be?

If you really want to nerd out, you can even watch the Open Houses from 2020: Fiction, Creative Nonfiction, Poetry.

Meantime, you probably want to know who's teaching and what their deals are, so here you can find out more about them.

We look forward to getting to know you and reading your work. Then maybe we'll see you next year, in a real, in-person, Upper East Side classroom with your pen poised over a classmate's manuscript.

If you're ready to APPLY NOW, go for it!

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