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General Computing Information

Computer Labs: Use of these labs requires a CSCI Linux account.

Linux Lab Room 1001B: This lab is primarily for general use by Department of Computer Science students who are completing assignments or getting tutoring.

Contains 25 Linux computers running Ubuntu 18.04.


Linux Lab – Room 1001C: This lab is scheduled primarily for the following courses: CSCI 135, CSCI 121, and CSCI 133

Contains 37 computers running Ubuntu 18.04.

Linux Laptop Lab – Room 1001G: This lab is used exclusively for CSCI 127

Contains 45 laptops running Ubuntu 16.04


Requesting Teaching Software in the Computer Labs

Requests for the installation of software in the labs should be made to the Department Computing Lab Committee chaired by Prof. Stewart Weiss

Requests to the Computing Committee should be made two months before the start of the semester the software is needed

Software must be able to be installed using yum or apt-get, tools for getting, installing, deleting, querying, and managing software packages.


Computing Staff

The Department of Computer Science has a full time systems administrator for computing. The systems administrator is Jonathan Stricoff ( and is responsible for the following:

- All lab Linux Computers

- Office Linux computers

- Creation and monitoring of Linux accounts

- Liaison with ICIT for all computer network issues.


Department Subnet:

The Department of Computer Science has its own subnet ( that is administered by the department’s systems administrator. All hardware connected to the Department subnet must have a static IP address assigned to it by the systems administrator. Ubuntu Linux is the standard operating system used in the computing labs and some faculty computers. Department of Computer Science Linux accounts are created and administered by the Department of Computer Science systems administrator. Hunter College ICIT provides a NetID and password for all students, faculty and staff for use in ICIT computer labs, the College wireless network and for logging onto various College software systems.


Technical Help for Full-Time and Part-time Faculty:

If you are part-time or full-time faculty, email Jonathan Stricoff (js12852@hunter.cuny.edufor help with relevant matters.


Students requiring technical help should send email from their Hunter email account

The email must include the following information:

- The exact command you are trying to execute

- The exact error message(s)

- The name of the machine you're trying to log into

- Your Linux account user name and your full name as it appears in CUNYfirst


Expected Linux-Related Content in 100-level Computer Sciences Courses:

If your 100-level course includes Linux-related content and requires Linux accounts you must request Linux accounts and include the following content in your course.

How to log onto a Linux computer locally and remotely

First-time users should log in while in one of the Linux Labs.

 How to keep track of and change passwords

How to SSH from a remote location to the Department of Computer Science

Linux file structure

Basic Linux commands

How to prevent Chrome/Firefox from using up your disk quota


There are a number of documents with detailed information relating to the bulleted items above on the Department of Computer Science Linux lab FAQ and be found at this link:


Requesting Linux Accounts for Your Course(s):

Approximately two days are required for the creation of Linux accounts at the beginning of semesters. Require your students to login to their new account within three days of receiving their account information.

If you have late registrations, please email with their first name, last name, hunter email address and I will try to get to it as soon as possible.


 All of the computer labs now come with a local guest account for emergencies, the username is csguest and the password is River777!


 Remote (SSH) Linux logins are allowed but there are restrictions. Refer to the Linux Lab FAQ web documentation for detailed information.

 To construct the file for sending to Thomas, login to Webroster/CUNYfirst version:

  1. Select the course, click on “Show Roster” button.

2. In the window just to the right of “Go”, select “Primary Report.”

3. Click the Actions button and choose "Reset” button

a) At this time you should see the student photos on the left and Acad Level in last column.

4. Click the Actions button and choose "Select Columns". Make sure all possible columns are listed in the right window labeled "display in Report."

5. In the dialog that appears, select the Photo column and move it to the "Do Not Display" list,

6. Click "Apply"

7. Click the Actions button again and choose "Download",

8. Save the downloaded file in the form of:

a) InstructorLastName.FirstName.CourseNumber.csv


For example: Stricoff.Jonathan.csci.135.00.csv


These instructions will work provided that you have not customized your view by deleting columns. If you have, then you should reset the view before performing them.

 When a Linux account is created, the user is allocated 400-MB of disk space. This isn’t a lot but the vast majority of CSCI students are writing programs which do not require much disk space.

Users cannot exceed their disk quota. Students will not be able to save a file if it exceeds the assigned quota. Students will not be able to locally log onto a lab computer if they have exceeded their disk quota.


 At the time of account creation, a randomly generated password is created. User name, password and other account related information are emailed to the student at their Hunter email address.


 All students must reclaim their Linux accounts from the previous semester within three weeks of the start of the semester. Email will be sent to all instructors and information posted in the labs about how to reclaim Linux accounts. Accounts not reclaimed by the announced date may be deleted.