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People in Hunter's Computer Science Department


Computer science lecturer Eric Schweitzer, caught during an animated discussion of the theory of computation, logics of knowledge and probablistic reasoning.

Who We Are

The department has always prided itself on the accomplishments of its students. Its mission is to see its students become successful. But the department is not an abstract entity; it is comprised of its faculty and staff. It is its people who make it what it is, and it is its people who make it a unique place.

The 20+ full-time faculty in the department are a diverse lot, with a broad range of experience and background. Five of the senior faculty are women, which is rather unusual in the field. Some are linguists by training; some, theoreticians; one, a lawyer; and others are software engineers. All are dedicated to teaching and have varied viewpoints on how best to teach, so the students experience a wide range of teaching styles during their stay at Hunter. Each and every member of the department believes in his or her approach to teaching, and each brings something different into the classroom. These pages give you a chance to see who we are.

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