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10 Reasons Why You Should Study German

1. Germany is Europe’s largest and the world’s 4th largest economy

2. German companies in the US employ over 600,000 workers

3. Germany is a country of innovation (most recent example: BioNTech/Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine)

4. German is similar to English and has more than 100,000,000 speakers in Europe

5. Studying German will make you stand out to future employers

6. Study abroad for 4 weeks or more (with scholarship support) and consider attending grad school in Germany (many German universities offer tuition-free graduate degrees)

7. Find local internships and job opportunities (recent grads have been hired by the German Academic Exchange Service, the German American Chamber of Commerce, and many more)

8. Be part of a community: Small classes allow for individual attention & you will get to know your professors and classmates

9. German combines well with studies in business, pre-law, environmental studies, pre-med, and the sciences, as well as in art, literature, history, philosophy, music, film, and other languages

10. Watch the Netflix hit show “Dark” in its original language

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