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How to Apply to the HRPP/IRB

Submitting an Application

Please follow the steps below carefully to prepare your application to the Hunter College HRPP office. We have guidance linked here to help clarify each stage of the application process.

  • Log in to IRBManager using your CUNYfirst credentials to establish your profile.
    • Note: PI’s and research personnel should complete Update My Email Address application under Notices in IRBManager before starting the IRB application. It is highly suggested you review the additional information under Notices.
  • All Principal Investigators (PIs) and research personnel must complete the CITI Program Human Subjects - Basic training or refresher course. Any research personnel new to the CITI Program must list their campus email as their primary email. The secondary email can be a personal email.
  • Complete the application according to the instructions in the PI Manual and the help text found inside the application itself. Any incomplete fields or responses that do not follow these resources will be returned during pre-review for modifications.


Once your application has been submitted, one of our staff members will conduct a pre-review of your protocol. Please be prepared to receive comments from our office that will help clarify elements of your proposal so that it is ready for review by the HRPP/CUNY UI-IRB or to receive a final determination. Pre-review can sometimes require more than one round of comments; our office is committed to contacting you directly when needed to minimize the amount of time needed to complete this part of the process.

  • After we have conducted our initial pre-review of your protocol, we will return the application if modifications are required and you will receive an automatic email notification from IRBManager.
  • Please read any comments throughout the application. At the very bottom of the application click "More" and select the appropriate action. This will provide you with all the comments on the application that require your attention. Be sure to make the necessary updates to the application including any of the supporting documents or addressing any questions. 
  • Before re-submitting the IRB application, please be sure all the requested modifications are addressed.

NOTE: When a student PI signs and submits an application, it is routed to their faculty advisor. The faculty advisor will review the application to determine if it is ready for HRPP/IRB review. If it is not ready, the advisor must route the application back to the student PI to make changes. If it is ready, they will submit the application to the HRPP Coordinator Office for processing.  

Review and Approval

After pre-review is complete, your protocol will be sent to the CUNY UI-IRB or receive a final determination from our office depending on the level of review required. Once the final determination for your protocol has been made, our office will notify you and you will be provided with a copy of your approval letter.

If you have questions at any point during this process, please contact us at: or (212) 650-3053.

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