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Purpose of the Literacy Space

Dr. Deborah Jensen  designed the Literacy Space around two courses in the Childhood Literacy program and one course in the Adolescent Literacy program. 

Childhood Literacy

EdLit 736: Diagnosis of Students with Reading Disabilities

EdLit 737: Practicum in Remedial Reading  

Adolescent Literacy

EdLit 757: Practicum in Literacy Assessment and Intervention


In the Literacy Space:


1. Struggling readers have a sense of community with other readers.  The space is open and children work side by side, rather than away from other readers.

2.  Struggling readers have opportunities to show what they can do and not just what they can't do.  Teacher candidates work to find their strengths as well as their vulnerabilities.

3.  Children and graduate students have continuity - the same tutor works with the child, on the same day, for two semesters.

4.  Parents/caregivers/families are included in the intervention plan and are made aware of the struggling reader's strengths and areas of development in need of intervention.

5. Parents/caregivers/families are a part of the process and experience.  They are included in activities and conversations.

6.  One-to-one tutoring is specifically designed for the child and centered around the child's interests.  Informal assessments and observations are a part of the diagnostic plan alongside formal assessments.

7.  The environment is full of books, games, puzzles, computers and other materials so children have access to multiple print and nonprint materials for reading and response.

8.  Reading and writing are integrated, not taught or experienced separately. 

9. Children are encouraged to read and write for real reasons.

10.  Children have opportunities to work with each other to create a community of learners.  They understand that literacy learning is a social activity.

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