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Office Services Locations

68th Street Campus
695 Park Avenue, room N320 New York, NY 10065
Mailroom: (212) 772-4346 , Duplicating: (212) 772-4341

Brookdale Campus
425 E 25th Street, room W137 New York, NY 10010
Mailroom: (212) 481-4309 , Duplicating: (212) 481-4317

Silberman Campus
2180 Third Avenue, room 316D New York, NY 10035
Mailroom: (212) 396-7632 , Duplicating: (212) 396-7632


Welcome to Office Services

This department provides mail and duplicating services for the college community. Departments may also order copy paper through us. Listed below are the services and procedures for our 68th Street Campus, Brookdale Campus, and Silberman Campus. We look forward to assisting you with your needs.

Print Shop

We provide printing and duplicating for the faculty and staff of the college. We offer black/white and color copying. There are a variety of paper stocks including different colors, weights and sizes. We offer tape binding, cutting, 3-hole punching, folding, saddle-stiching, etc. Please allow for at least 2-day turnaround time. Your request may be fulfilled sooner given we can get to the request quickly. We operate on a first come, first serve basis. We can make occasional exceptions, but please try to be courteous of our other users.

Job submission:

You may submit hard copies at any of our offices along with a copy request form provided by us. When submitting through email please provide your name, department, due date, number of copies, single or double sided printing, black and white or color printing, finishing needs and any other details required to complete your request. Please use one of the following email addresses to have your request completed at the appropriate location. You may also choose to submit your request using the appropriate job submission link. Be mindful when using the link you may not attach files larger than 3 MB.

68th Street Campus:        Email us at:

or use this link:

Brookdale Campus:        Email us at:

or use this link:

Silberman Campus:         Email us at:

or use this link:

Paper Orders

Departments may place orders for paper, cardstock, and blue exam books by contacting the print shop at your location by phone or email.

You may also place paper orders using the following link:


It is against the law to reproduce copyrighted materials without the permission of the copyright owner, unless the copying materials fall within the "fair use” library reproduction rights of the copyright law. The Duplicating Staff will decline the duplication of copyrighted material that does not fall within “fair use” or have proper authorization and consent.

Mail services

Incoming mail

Please be sure to address your incoming mail and packages appropriately to insure proper delivery and handling. This includes the correct street address, name, department name, and room number. Be advised that any mail received without proper labeling will be “returned to sender” after one month if not picked up.

We usually receive USPS mail by 1PM, M-F. It usually takes about an hour to sort incoming mail. Mail will be ready for pick up or delivery shortly after sorting. There are additional drop offs by the post office throughout the day for packages, international, express, and certified mail.

The 68th street campus mail room only receives USPS (United States Postal Service) mail. UPS and FedEx are processed through the Receiving department in room C0021 (212-772-4338). Any other carriers are instructed to go straight to your department for signature.

The mailrooms at the Brookdale campus and the Silberman campus receive mail from all carriers.

Outgoing mail

We apply postage to outgoing mail for the college. We have the ability to process all classes of USPS mail including international, express, priority, and certified. The fees are charged back to your department. We can stamp personal mail at the 68th street main campus only. The fees will be paid by the funds added to your OneCard (ID). We ask that your mail pieces are properly addressed with a return address in the top left corner including your name, department, and room number. We provide priority and express packaging from the post office. Any other types of mail should already be submitted in an envelope or your own provided packaging. We cannot ship anything weighing over 70 lbs.

Bulk Mail

We can process large pre-sort mailings (above 500 pieces of the same content, not personalized) at a discount. The mail is sent as “standard delivery mail” and takes between 7-10 days for delivery. We typically need a few days to process the mailings. We can fold and stuff your envelopes with up to two sheets. You must provide a Microsoft excel list with separate columns for first name, last name, address line, city, state, and zip code. This will allow for a USPS verification of existing addresses in their database. We can then print addresses and bar codes needed on each envelope to separate into different trays for specific regions across the country. This saves the post office time which allows for the discount. Please call the mailroom at the 68th Street campus to schedule a mailing and answer any additional questions.

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Livia Cangemi
Executive Director of Finance and Business Operations

Eric Acevedo
Mailroom / Duplicating Manager

Rachel Quesada
College Office Assistant

Francisco Sanchez
68th Street Campus Mailroom Lead

Iosif Baburashvilli
68th Street Campus Duplicating Lead

Adnan Khan
Brookdale Campus Duplicating Lead

Johnny Sanchez
Brookdale Campus Mailroom Lead

Richard Caruso
Silberman Campus Lead

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695 Park Ave
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