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Why a Business Career?

Top business leaders are driven, analytic, and innovative. They make decisions that are more complex than ever before and they understand the full scope of an enterprise and its potential in a global economy. The keys to becoming a successful business leader and to leading a firm or organization to success hinge on your developing proficiency in several essential areas: analysis and decision making, information technology, effective communication, understanding economic trends and public policy, and knowledge of behavioral processes in organizations. 

Mastery of these concepts can open doors to exciting career opportunities in business, such as managing a multinational corporation, working in banking or investment banking, consulting, sales or marketing for a Fortune 500 corporation, starting your own business, offering profitable investment and financial guidance or running a non-profit organization.  Mastery of these skills is usually gained through a combination of real-world work experience combined with a Master's degree in Business Administration (MBA). 

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