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Graduate Programs

Admission to MA program

Admission to graduate study is contingent upon general requirements of Hunter College and upon approval by a departmental committee. Where general scholarship is superior, but the applicant did not major in the field, or preparation in that field is deemed to be insufficient, an examination and/or enrollment in specified undergraduate courses will be required. Before matriculation, applicants must demonstrate proficiency in the language of specialization.

MA Requirements

1) COURSES. The total 30 credits for the MA must include:

a. Courses in literature of specialization (27-30 cr.)

b. Thesis Seminar: required of all students who elect to write master's essay (3 cr.)

In addition to a high degree of competence in the language of specialization, candidates must demonstrate a reading knowledge of a second Romance language,German, or Latin.

Candidates must pass a written examination on the field of study, in the language of specialization. Please click here for the Reading Lists in FRENCH, ITALIAN and SPANISH.

The master’s essay is optional. Topic is determined in consultation with the principal adviser. Thesis Seminar, to be taken concurrently with preparation of the essay, is completed when the essay is approved be the principal adviser and another faculty member.

Please click HERE for graduate advising information.