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Romance Languages Major

The Romance Language major offers oral and written study of two languages as well as knowledge and understanding of two Romance literatures and civilizationsThrough a combination of oral and written coursework, students develop proficiency in both languages, enabling them to engage fluently in conversation, read literature, and produce written works. The program emphasizes the study of two specific Romance languages, chosen from a selection that may include French, Spanish and Italian.

In addition to linguistic proficiency, students gain insight into the rich literary and cultural heritage of the chosen languages. They explore significant works of literature, poetry, drama, and other forms of artistic expression, tracing the development of each language’s literary tradition across different historical periods and cultural contexts.

Through interdisciplinary approaches and interactive learning experiences, students majoring in Romance Languages acquire critical thinking skills, cross-cultural competence, and communication abilities that are valuable in various professional fields. Graduates are well-equipped for careers in education, translation and interpretation, international business, diplomacy, tourism, publishing, and more. Furthermore, the program provides a solid foundation for advanced studies in linguistics, literature, cultural studies, or related disciplines at the graduate level.

Required (36 credits):

  • 341 and 342 in each of two chosen languages, total of 12 credits
  • 9 credits in advanced literature in each of the two languages, total of 18 credits
  • 3 credits in culture or translation in each of the two languages, total of 6 credits


If you decide to major in Romance Languages, you will need to speak with an adviser for each discipline. Please click HERE for office hours.

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