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Placement Tests

Taking the Test

The special French, Italian, Spanish Placement Examination is available to Hunter students only. To take the Placement Examination, you must sign up online at the following link. several days before the event: will receive a confirmation e-mail once you have registered for the exam. NOTE: the exam is given in 209 HW. More information and instructions will follow a couple of days prior to your examination date. 


Who should take the placement test?

You are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity if you need to fulfill the foreign language requirement (the Hunter Focus/Concentrated Study) and if any of the following considerations apply to you:

  • you have studied one of these languages in high school or at another college
  • some time has passed since your last foreign language course
  • you have some knowledge of language but never studied it formally or have some knowledge of language but never studied it formally
  • you have had exposure to the language through family, social, travel, or work connections.



To check your results, which are usually posted within a week of the test, please look under “Results” at It is best to do so via computer, as mobile devices do not always display the results.


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