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  1. FAST TRACK DEGREEYou don't necessarily want to commit to an expensive, decades long pursuit of a Ph.D. but you realize you need a good advanced degree to go further with your career and life opportunities.
  2. BROADEN YOUR SOCIOLOGICAL HORIZONS. You are interested in sociology though you would like to apply it in other ways than through the social work and helping profession opportunities you also heard about. 
  3. ACQUIRE REAL WORLD SKILLSYou want to be 'hands on' but to carry out research and policy analysis with 'real world' impact.
  4. PROVEN TRACK RECORD OF SUCCESS. You realize that the program has been around for over 35 years, and is proven and established as the first of its kind, combining experience with applied social science research as well as cutting edge technology. 
  5. LEARN CUTTING EDGE TECHNOLOGIES. You understand that the GSR program has unique and varied courses in up to date methodologies both quantitative and qualitative.  For example, we offered the first focus group class and now have data mining and mapping classes. 
  6. AVOID EXCESSIVE DEBTYou know that because we are part of the City University of New York, the cost of our program compared to private schools like Columbia or NYU is much less than similar applied master's programs - though our quality is extremely high. 
  7. RIGOROUS TRAINING. You noticed that other CUNY programs are not MS (Masters of Science) but MA (Masters of Arts) programs: in other words, in the area of applied social science research, we offer a more rigorous form of training. 
  8. PROVEN JOB PLACEMENT SUCCESS. You became aware that the Hunter MSSR program has superior job placements in a range of areas from non-profit organizations to media and communications to consumer research firms - as well as a wide range of other public and private sector jobs where we have been successful in placing students. 
  9. MEET AND NETWORK WITH ALUMNIYou have heard about the strong alumni network and alumni contacts who keep in touch with the program and are invited back to speak to master's students on a regular basis.  
  10. STATE OF THE ART EQUIPMENTYou want to use 'state of the art' equipment as you learn diverse methodologies like focus group technology (and as you use the Hunter Sociology Department's brand new focus group room).
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