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Prizes are awarded at the spring semester party. Prizes are open to all Thomas Hunter Honors Students.

John Potter Prize for Outstanding Work in Literature

Now in its twelfth year, this prize is named in memory of the late Professor John Potter, a long-time Co-Chair of the Program. This prize is granted for outstanding work in literature. You are nominated by either a faculty member or an advisor in the Thomas Hunter Honors Program. [Selected by Nomination]

Class of 1944 Award for Outstanding Paper Written for a Colloquium

Presented by the Class of 1944, this prize is awarded in recognition of the best paper written for an honors colloquium. If you are particularly proud of a paper which you wrote for a colloquium, please submit a photocopy of the graded paper to the Honors Program office. The winner will be chosen by an interdisciplinary panel of the Council on Honors. [Deadline: TBA]

Class of 1944 Prize for Graduate School Preparation

This prize, also awarded by the Class of 1944, will be awarded retroactively to help reimburse costs incurred in preparation for MCATs, LSATs and Subject GRE exams, or to defray the costs of multiple applications to Law School or Medical Schools or PhD programs. Members of the Honors Program who have incurred such expenses should submit a brief letter explaining your graduate plans, the expenses incurred, and a brief description of your financial need. You will need to submit documentation of your expenditures, such as copies of receipts or canceled checks, along with your letter. If you have already been accepted by mid-March to any of the places to which you applied, please tell us that as well. The prize will be awarded by a committee of the Council on Honors. [Deadline: TBA]

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