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Tobacco-Free Hunter

As of August 27, 2012, tobacco may not be used anywhere on Hunter College campuses. This policy applies to all tobacco products, such as chewing tobacco and e-cigarettes. Restrictions are in effect on all indoor and outdoor locations, including doorways, stairwells and terraces.

A tobacco-free environment will provide the following benefits to Hunter College faculty, staff, students and the entire campus community:

  • Supports community efforts to reduce or eliminate tobacco use in public settings
  • Eliminates second-hand smoke from around building entrances
  • Eliminates litter from cigarette butts and other debris
  • May encourage some tobacco users to stop a harmful habit
  • Prepares students to cope with future employment in tobacco-free environments
  • Sets a positive example for high school students and young children who are often on campus

Want to break the habit? Students can visit HC's Counseling and Wellness Services, Room 307 North.

All Hunter employees and their families are covered under the CUNY Work/Life Program, a free, voluntary, and confidential benefit administered by Corporate Counseling Associates. For information about quitting, enter "smoking cessation" in the search box on the Work/Life homepage:

Hunter College faculty and staff are also eligible for the Employee Smoking Cessation Program run by the city. 

Additional information for all members of the Hunter community is available at the New York State Smokers' Quitline.



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