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Summer 2020 NEWS

Redress Zoom Event Saturday June 27th, 2020!

This is the true story of the Japanese American Citizens League's fight for reparations for the imprisonment of Japanese Americans in WWII.

Saturday, June 27 at 3pm Free Zoom Event RSVP Here

Author John Tateishi discusses his book Redress: The Inside Story of the Successful Campaign for Japanese American Reparations in conversation with Patricia Wakida, Editor of Only What We Could Carry: The Japanese American Internment Experience. Books are available for order at Choose to ship to home or pick up in store at Eastwind Books of Berkeley, 2066 University Ave. Berkeley, CA 94704.

About the Book: This is the true story of the Japanese American Citizens League's fight for an official government apology and compensation for the imprisonment of more than 100,000 Japanese Americans during World War II. Author John Tateishi, himself the leader of the JACL Redress Committee for many years, is first to admit that the task was herculean in scale. The campaign was seeking an unprecedented admission of wrongdoing from Congress. It depended on a unified effort but began with an acutely divided community: for many, the shame of "camp" was so deep that they could not even speak of it; money was a taboo subject; the question of the value of liberty was insulting. Besides internal discord, the American public was largely unaware that there had been concentration camps on US soil, and Tateishi knew that concessions from Congress would only come with mass education about the government's civil rights violations. Beyond the backroom politicking and verbal fisticuffs that make this book a swashbuckling read, Redress is the story of a community reckoning with what it means to be both culturally Japanese and American citizens; how to restore honor; and what duty it has to protect such harms from happening again. This book has powerful implications as the idea of reparations shapes our national conversation.

"Model Minority Vs. Covid 19", Wednesday June 17th @4PM

This event will be broadcasted via Facebook Live on the Queens Memory Facebook Main Page, located here: 

Covid-19 has sparked an increase in racism against East Asians in America, whether immigrant or native born. However, racism against all groups of Asian descent has been around for much longer, with racist stereotypes and the model minority myth. Join Queens Memory and our partners for an online discussion about the current higher educational experience for Asians in America, who are facing the continuously evolving challenge of racism. We will also discuss how Asians in America can provide ally-ship and solidarity to other groups that are experiencing racial oppression.

Frank Wu, the incoming president of Queens College, will serve as moderator. He will be joined by the following guests: 

Joyce Moy-Executive Director of Asian American/ Asian Research Institute
Vivian Louie- Director, Asian American Studies Program & Center at Hunter College
John Chin-Professor of Urban Policy and Planning at Hunter College
Madhulika Khandelwal- Director of Asian/American Center at Queens College
A student representative from the Student Council of Asian/American Center at Queens College.

This program is sponsored by the Queens Memory COVID-19 Project of Queens College and Queens Public Library, the Asian/American Center at Queens College, and the Asian American/ Asian Research Institute - City University of New York. 


Message from the Hunter College President, Jennifer J. Raab

Jennifer Raab: Community in a Time of Anxiety and Despair

Message from HCAP with Helpful links

If you want to know more about Black Lives Matter and how you can help, HCAP has some great links to check out here: HCAP BLM Message

Message from AAARI

AAARI Statement on the Killing of George Floyd


Spotlight on Fall 2020: ASIAN 39019/WGS 30038 - Asian American Queerness

It's Pride Month and the Asian American Studies Program celebrates our AANAPISI LGBTQ+ community. 

Check out ASIAN 39019 - Asian American Queerness!


Asian American Leadership Forum For Youth 2020, Saturday June 6th!

Fall 2020 Course Spotlight!

Take a closer look at two of our great courses!

Congratulations Graduating Class of Spring 2020!


Congratulations to our graduating Asian American Studies minors, students and to all Hunter College Graduates!! Kudos to the Class of 2020 for your persevering spirit and achievement. With all best wishes from our Asian American Studies faculty and staff. 


Fall 2020 Registration is Live!

Fall 2020 Registration is going on and there are still some great Asian American Studies Courses up for grabs. 

Check out our full list of offerings below:

"Asian American Studies, More Vital Than Ever" by Vivian Louie


Check out this great OP-ED in the NY Daily News written by our very own Asian American Studies Director Vivian Louie! 


Summer 2020 Course Offerings!

Summer Registration has begun and we're offering some great courses!

A Message From the NYC's Mayor Office

 ‚óŹ      From the NYC Mayor's Office -- Let's work together to put an end to bias incidents and hate stemming from #COVID-19 stigma. Please help tweet and share this message to your network.
Ø  Carmelyn Malalis, Chair and Commissioner of the CCHR wrote an op-ed on Hate Has No Harbor in New York City. Ø  

On 3/30/2020 and 3/31/2020, CCHR hosted online bystander intervention trainings to fight #COVID-19 stigma.Ø  CCHR is committed to standing up Chinese and Asian communities targeted by COVID-19 related bias and harassment. They have released video series in Mandarin, Cantonese, Fujianese, Korean & Tagalog explaining how to report incidents.     

Mandarin:      Korean: Ø  

Call 311 to report any COVID-19 related discrimination to the New York City Commission on Human Rights.

Call 911 if you are a victim or witness a hate crime. 

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