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Noteworthy & In The News

Take a look at what Asian American Studies at Hunter College Faculty and Affiliates have been doing.

November 2021

November 16th, In memory of Mary Li Hsu, alumnus of the Hunter Graduate School of Social Work. A leader in Asian American communities and in student affairs at Yale (Class of 1980), BMCC and Hunter College. She was a kind, inspiring and dedicated advocate, leader and mentor, especially to first generation college students.  See tribute

April 2021

Kudos to Keith Chan (Social Work), who has recently been named as a National Health and Aging Policy Fellow. And to Margaret Chin, whose book Stuck: ·Why Asian Americans Don't Reach the Top of the Corporate Ladder has received the 2021 PROSE Award in the Business, Finance & Management Category.


March 2021


Trestle Gallery Presents Choreography for an Unfamiliar Here featuring a group of amazing artsits including our very own Asian American Studies adjunct Christopher Lin!


January 2021


In memory of Corky Lee, (1947-2021), groundbreaking journalistic photographer and community activist, who chronicled the vibrant and diverse Asian American cultures and communities, including AAS at Hunter/CUNY. He brought people from the margins of mainstream media and history into the center.

Corky Lee, Who Photographed Asian-American Life, Dies at 73 - New York Times


December 2020


In memory of Harold Lui - alumnus of Hunter College and Hunter Graduate School of Social Work. A leading pioneer in NYC's Asian American, immigrant and Civil Rights communities and a kind, inspiring and dedicated advocate, leader and mentor.  New York Times Obituary Harold Lui



November 2020


2020 Presidential Election Results

Below are recent excerpts from Hunter Alum Cao O's AAIPP Bulletin. Cao O is a graduate of Hunter's School of Social Work and the first executive director of the Asian American Federation, which he led for more than 20 years. For further information, and to get on AAIPP's mailing list, please contact him at


With the recount in Georgia completed, the Associated Press called the race there on November 20th.  President-elect Joe Biden has won the 2020 presidential election, carrying 306 electoral votes to President Donald Trump's 232.  Biden received 79.8 million votes (51%), about 6 million more votes than Trump's 73.8 million (47%).   

According to Edison Research Exit Polls and AP VoteCast Survey, Trump received the support of the majority of White voters (58%), both men (61%) and women (55%), and White evangelicals voted solidly for the President (76%).  Black voters overwhelmingly backed Biden, 87% to 12%.  Both Hispanic and Asian voters chose Biden by a roughly 2 -to-1 margin.  Native Hawaiians & Pacific Islanders, on the other hand, supported Trump 59% to 35%.  

At the state level, the exit polls collected statistically significant samples of Asian voters only in four states: California, Nevada, Texas, and Virginia.  While the majority of Asian voters in these states voted for Biden, Trump received the support of a significant percentage of Asian voters in Nevada (35%) and Virginia (close to 40%).

At the Brookings Institution, William H. Frey's analysis of 2016 and 2020 exit poll results show that Trump made gains among non-White voters in 2020.  Nationally, the shifts in Democratic minus Republican voter margins from 2016 were 6 points for Black, 5 points for Hispanic, and 11 points for Asian.  In 2016, 65% of Asian voters voted for Hillary Clinton, 27% for Trump. 

Trump's gains with Latino voters were not limited to Miami's Cuban Americans or border-region Tejanos.  A Politico review of election data found that Trump improved his margins in 78 of the nation's 100 majority-Hispanic counties, and he did better with Latinos in exit polls of each of the top 10 battleground states.  Trump's blue-collar appeal for Latino was cited as the primary factor for his gains with Latino voters in Politico interviews with a dozen experts on Hispanic voters in six states.   

No similar analysis or observations concerning Asian American voters are available at this time due to the general lack of data on Asian votes in state exit polls. 


October 2020


AAS Adjunct Christopher Lin artist interview about his work over at the Bronx Museum website.


ATOA Presents Jaqueline Cedar's Good Naked Gallery artists from Earthly Delights - featuring AAS Adjunct Christopher Lin (Catch his part at the 48:47 mark).

August 2020


The Pandemic's Impact on Equity in Education 8/10/20 from the Coalition for a Diverse Harvard featuring AAS Director Vivian Louie!


Constance DeJong: Digital Constellations Online Exhibition featuring our very own Asian American Studies Adunct Christopher Lin!


July 2020


Why Ethnic Studies is Pivotal Today - Vivian Louie, CUNY Forum


Asian Americans and COVID-19: What We Still Need to Know about Race and Racial Exclusion in America - Vivian Louie - Roosevelt House Faculty Journal


Margaret Chin's new book is out, Stuck: Why Asian Americans Don't Reach the Top of the Corporate Ladder

June 2020


How Asian American studies classes, groups amped up activism in time of protests and COVID-19·- NBC News (featuring AAS Students and AAS Adjunct Glenn Magpantay) 


Stare Down the White Gaze: Demystifying the "Model Minority" Stereotype - By Yang Hu from the Diverse: Issues in Higher Education website


May 2020


"Asian-American Studies, more vital than ever: Coranavirus is a moment we should be learning" by Vivian Louie - Daily News

October 2019


John Chin and Caitlin Ho have a terrific report, co authored with colleagues both in New York City and in California, Illicit Massage Parlors in Los Angeles County and New York City: Stories from Women Workers


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