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Donna Haverty-Stacke

Ph.D., Cornell University

Donna T. Haverty-Stacke is an Associate Professor of History and Roosevelt House Faculty Associate at Hunter College, CUNY where she teaches courses in U.S. cultural, urban and labor history.  She received her BA in American Studies from Georgetown University in May 1994.  As the recipient of the Joseph L. Allbritton Scholarship she studied at Brasenose College, Oxford University where she earned an MSt in Historical Research in 1995 and an MLitt in Modern History in 1997.  She then attended Cornell University, where she graduated with a PhD in History in May 2003. 

Haverty-Stacke is the author of America’s Forgotten Holiday: May Day and Nationalism, 1867 – 1960 (NYU Press, 2009) and co-editor with Daniel Walkowitz of Rethinking U.S. Labor History: Essays on the Working-Class Experience, 1756 - 2009 (The Continuum International Publishing Group, 2010).  Her article, “‘Punishment of Mere Political Advocacy’: The FBI, Teamsters Local 544 and the Origins of the 1941 Smith Act Case” (from The Journal of American History, June 2013), previews some of the central themes in her current book project, notably why many Americans were willing to compromise free speech for national security during wartime and the implications of that choice for dissent and democracy in mid-late twentieth century American society.  Trotskyists on Trial: The History and Legacy of the First Smith Act Sedition Case 1934 – 1986, is under contract with NYU Press and due out in early 2015.  Haverty-Stacke has also published several articles on working-class and radical political culture and presented papers at numerous seminars and conferences, including the American Historical Association’s annual meeting, the Organization of American Historians annual meeting, and the North American Labor History conference and the Labor and Working-Class History Association’s annual meeting. Since 2013, she has co-directed with Eduardo Contreras, the Labor and Working-Class History Seminar at Roosevelt House.


Phone:  212-772-4412


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