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Rick Belsky HW 1511 212-772-5493
Manu Bhagavan HW 1513 212-772-5482
Eduardo Contreras HW 1510 212-772-5346
Noah Gelfand HW 1518A 212-772-5486
Donna Haverty-Stacke HW 1514 212-772-4412
D’Weston Haywood HW 1508 212-772-5490
Benjamin Hett HW 1517 212-772-4382
Daniel Hurewitz HW 1505 212-772-4285
Karen Kern HW 1518 212-772-5491
Vanessa May HW 1519A
Elidor Mëhilli HW1516 212-772-5485
Mary Roldán HW 1515 212-772-5488
Jonathan Rosenberg HW 1519 212-772-5546
Jill Rosenthal HW 1507 212-772-5490
Laura Schor HW 1509 212-772-5486
Aaron Welt HW 1517 212-772-5484


Richard Belsky
Ph.D., Harvard University, 1997

Teaching interests:
History of East Asia; modern China; modern Japan.

Research interests:
Social and political history of late imperial and modern China; urban history.

Selected Publications:

  • Difang zai zhongyang - Wanqi Didu nei de tongxiang huiguan, kongjian he quanli, [translation of Localities at the Center: Native-Place, Space and Power in Imperial Beijing] translated by Quin Lanjun and Li Xinde (Beijing, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, forthcoming 2019)
  • "China, People's Republic of," Encyclopedia of Empire (John Wiley and Sons, Limited, 2016)
  • Localities at the Center:·Native-place, Space, and Power in Late Imperial Beijing·(Harvard University Asia Center: Distributed by Harvard University Press, 2005).
  • "Placing the Hundred Days: Native-place Ties and Urban Space" in Rebecca E. Karl and Peter Zarrow, eds.,·Rethinking the 1898 Reform Period : Political and Cultural Change in Late Qing China·(Harvard University Asia Center: Distributed by Harvard University Press, 2002).
  • "The 'Urban Ecology' of Late-Imperial Beijing Reconsidered: The Transformation of Social Space in China's Late Imperial Capital City,"·Journal of Urban History, Vol. 27 No. 1, (Nov. 2000).

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Manu Bhagavan
Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin, 1999

Teaching interests:
Modern South Asia, comparative colonialism/nationalism, intellectual history, human rights

Research interests:
20th-century India; intellectual history; human rights; (inter)nationalism; constitutional history; postcolonial studies; biography

Selected Publications:

  • The Peacemakers: India and the Quest for One World·(HarperCollins India, February 2012)
  • Editor,·Heterotopias: Nationalism and the Possibility of History in South Asia.(Oxford University Press, 2010).
  • Speaking Truth to Power: Religion, Caste and the Subaltern Question in India, edited with Anne Feldhaus (Oxford University Press, 2008.  Paperback edition, July 2009.  Second printing, May 2010.  Third impression, March 2011)
  • Claiming Power from Below: Dalits and the Subaltern Question in India, edited with Anne Feldhaus (Oxford University Press, 2008.  Paperback edition, July 2009.  Second printing, January 2011.  Third impression, Summer 2011)
  • Sovereign Spheres: Princes, Education, and Empire in Colonial India (Oxford University Press, 2003)

Faculty Homepage:

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Eduardo Contreras
Ph.D., The University of Chicago, 2008

Teaching interests:
The United States since 1865; U.S. Latino Histories; U.S. Social and Political History; History of Sexuality; Labor; Immigration/Migration

Research interests:
20th-century U.S. history; 19th and 20th-century U.S./Latin American Relations (Central America); U.S. Latinos; urban politics; race and ethnicity; feminist/queer communities; liberalism and conservatism

Selected Publications:

  • Latinos and the Liberal City: Politics and Protest in San Francisco U. Penn Press, 2019)
  • "Voice and Property: LAtinos, White Conservatives, and Urban Renewal in 1960s San Francisco," Western Historical Quarterly 45, no. 3 (Autumn 2014: 253-76.

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Noah Gelfand
 Ph.D., New York University, 2008

Teaching interests: US history to 1865; Colonial America; the American Revolution; Early Republic; American Indian history; early modern Atlantic history

Research interests:
Jewish commercial and religious networks in the early modern Atlantic world; colonial New York

Selected Publications:

  • “The Gomez Family and Atlantic Patterns in the Development of New York’s Jewish Community,” in Gotham: A Blog for Scholars of New York City History (July 2020).
  •  “Opportunities and Insults: Understanding the Minimal Jewish Presence in New Netherland,” in de Halve Maen: Magazine of the Dutch Colonial Period in America XCI (Winter 2019).
  • “Religious Diversity in New Amsterdam,” in Life in New Amsterdam Educator Resource Guide (The Museum of the City of New York, 2015).
  • “To Live and Trade: The Status of Sephardi Mercantile Communities in the Atlantic Word During the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries,” in Caribbean Jewry, edited by Jane S. Gerber London: The Littman Library of Jewish Civilization, 2013).
  • “Jacob Leisler: A Life and Death in the Atlantic World, 1640-1691,” in The Human Tradition in the Atlantic World, edited by Karen Racine and Beatriz Galloti Mamigonian (Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield, 2010).

Donna T. Haverty-Stacke
Ph.D., Cornell University, 2003

Teaching interests:
Labor, urban, and cultural history, with a particular focus on late-nineteenth and twentieth-century America; free speech/national security.

Research interests:
Radical and working-class political culture and the history of commemoration and collective memory in the U.S.; free speech and national security; biography.

Selected Publications:

  • Trotskyists on Trial: Free Speech and Political Persecution Since the Age of FDR. (NYU Press, Culture, Labor, History series, 2015)
  • ""Punishment of Mere Political Advocacy': The FBI, Teamsters Loca 544 and the Origins of the 1941 Smith Act Case," Journal of American History (June 2013): 68-93.
  • "Rethinking the Progressive Era AFL: Not Just What, but How and Why," Labor Studies in Working -Class History of the Americas, Up for Debate Section, Vol. 10: Issue 4 (Winter 2013): 101-04.
  • Rethinking U.S. Labor History: Essays on the Working-Class Experience, 1756-2009, co-edited with Daniel J. Walkowitz (The Continuum International Publishing Group, 2010)
  • America's Forgotten Holiday: May Day and Nationalism, 1867-1960. (New York University Press 2008).
  • "Creative Opposition to Radical America: 1920s Anti-May Day Demonstrations,"Labor: Studies in Working-Class History of the Americas·Volume 4: Issue 3 (Fall 2007): 59 - 80.

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D’Weston Haywood
Ph.D., Northwestern University, 2013

Teaching interests:
African-American history; Black masculinities; cultural and political history; race and gender studies; Black civil rights; Hip-Hop; racial justice; Black protest movements.

Research interests:
Black civil rights; Black protest movements and protest thought; gender and Black masculinity; Black newspapers; Black social institutions and public spheres; ideas of race and revolution in the Black Diaspora.


  • Let Us Make Men: The Twentieth-Century Black Press and a Manly Vision for Racial Advancement (UNC Press, 2019)
  • “‘A Superb Sales Force...The Men of Muhammad’: The Nation of Islam, Black Masculinity, and Selling Muhammad Speaks in the Black Power Era” in New Perspectives on the Nation of Islam (Dawn Marie Gibson and Herbert Berg, eds., Routledge, 2017).

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Benjamin Hett
Ph.D., Harvard University 2001

Teaching interests:
Modern European history, especially 20th century Germany, history of law, urban history; cultural and intellectual history; war.

Research interests:
Criminal law in modern Germany, history of popular culture, history of Berlin; Democracy and Fascism, Espionage and the Cold War.

Selected publications:

  • The Death of Democracy: Hitler's Rise to Power and the Downfall of the Weimar Republic (New York: Henry Holt, 2018); named among the year's best history books by the Daily Telegraph and The Times (London) 2018.
  • Burning the Reichstag: An Investigation Into The Third Reich's Enduring Mystery (New York: Oxford University Press, 2014); 2015: Hans Rosenberg Book Prize from the Central European History Society, for the best book on Germany history by a North American Scholar to appear in 2014.
  • Crossing Hitler: The Man Who Put the Nazis on the Witness Stand·(Oxford University Press, 2008).
  • Death in the Tiergarten: Murder and Criminal Justice in the Kaiser's Berlin, (Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 2004).
  • "The 'Captain of Koepenick' and the Transformation of German Criminal Justice, 1891-1914",·Central European History·36 (1), 2003.

Faculty Homepage:

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Daniel Hurewitz
Ph.D., University of California at Los Angeles, 2001


Teaching interests:
20th-century US history; queer history; politics of sexuality; urban historyl LGBT history; theater.

Research interests:
Cultural roots of identity politics; emergence of a gay rights movement; politics of homophobia; history of Los Angeles and New York; theater.

Selected Publications:

  • Nancy F*&%ing Reagan (2016) Finalist, Ashland New Plays Festival, 2018; Semifinalist, Bay Area Playwrights Festival, 2018
  • Reclamation (2016); Semifinalist, O'Neill Theater Center, National Playwrights Conference, 2018; Winner Third Place Honorable Mention, Arch and Bruce Brown Foundation, 2016
  • Bohemian Los Angeles and the Making of Modern Politics·(University of California Press, 2007).
  • “Goody-Goodies, Sissies, and Long-Hairs: The Dangerous Figures in 1930s Los Angeles Political Culture,” Journal of Urban History 33 (2006) 26-50.
  • “Sexuality Scholarship as a Foundation for Change:·Lawrence v. Texas and the Impact of the Historians’ Brief,"·Health and Human Rights·7 (2004).

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Karen Kern
Ph.D., Columbia University, 1999

Teaching interests:
History of the Modern Middle East, including the Ottoman Empire; Middle East women’s history; comparative imperialism and nationalism.

Research interests:
Social history of the late Ottoman Empire; the history of Ottoman law; the courts and legal culture; comparative citizenship and national identity in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Selected publications:

  • “The Sacred and the Modern: the History, Conservation, and Science of the Madina Sitara,” Metropolitan Museum Journal 52 (2017).
  • “Provincial-State relations: the kaymakam, the notables and ‘milk marriage’ in late Ottoman Birecik"·The Turkish Studies Association Journal, 29 (2013): 35-67.
  • Imperial Citizenship. Marriage and Citizenship in the Ottoman Frontier Provinces of Iraq·(Syracuse University Press, “Gender and Globalization,” series, 2011).
  • “'They are unknown to us:’ the Ottomans, the Mormons and the Protestants in the late Ottoman Empire,” in·American Missionaries and the Middle East: Foundational Encounters, Mehmet Ali Dogan and Heather Sharkey (eds.) (Salt Lake City, UT: University of Utah Press, Fall 2010): 122-63.

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Elidor Mëhilli
Ph.D., Princeton University, 2011

Teaching interests:
Modern Europe, the Mediterranean, international and global history, the Cold War, urban history

Research interests:
Europe, authoritarian regimes, globalization, economic integration and disintegration, development

Selected publications:

  • "Documents as Weapons: The Uses of a Dictatorship’s Archives," Contemporary European History 28:1 (February 2019): 82–95.
  • “Globalized Socialism, Nationalized Time: Soviet Films, Albanian Subjects, and Chinese Audiences across the Sino-Soviet Split,” Slavic Review 77:3 (Fall 2018): 611-637.
  • From Stalin to Mao: Albania and the Socialist World (Cornell University Press, 2017)
  • “Kryeqyteti dhe pushteti,” Përpjekja no. 34-35 (September 2016): 83-108.
  • "States of Insecurity," The International History Review 37:5 (2015): 1037-58.
  • "The Socialist Design: Urban Dilemmas in Postwar Europe and the Soviet Union, Kritika: Explorations in Russian and Eurasian History 13:3 (Summer 2012): 639-669.
  • Defying De-Stalinization: Albania’s 1956, Journal of Cold War Studies 13:4 (Fall 2011): 4-56.

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Mary Roldán
Ph.D., Harvard University, 1992

Teaching interests:
19h and 20th century Latin America, social, political and cultural history, history of illicit substances; civil war and violence; 20th century art and politics; urban history; history of media (radio), politics and the public sphere.

Research interests:
20th century Colombia; political, social, and cultural history; civil war and violence; state formation; radio; Radio Sutatenza and ACPO; transnational Cold War; politics of developement in Colombia.

Selected publications:

  • Radio Sutatenza: una revolución en el campo colombiano (1947-1994). Angarita B., Berrío P., Rojas A., Restrepo T., Roldán S., y Zabala L., eds. (Bogotá: Banco de la República, 2017)
  • "Popular Cultural Action, Catholic Transnationalism, and Development in Colombia before Vatican II" in Stephen J.C. Andes and Julia C. Young, eds., Local Church, Global Church.  Catholic Activism in the Americas before  Vatican II (Washington, D.C.: The Catholic University of America Press, 2016): 245-274.
  • "Acción Cultural Popular (ACPO), "Responsible Procreation", and the Roots of Social Activism in Rural Colombia."  Special Issue: Religion, Social Movements and Zones of Crisis, Latin American Research Review vol. 49, (2014): 27-44.
  • "End of Discussion: Violence, Participatory Democracy, and the Limits of Dissent in Colombia." Violent Democracies in Latin America, Desmond Arias and Daniel Goldstein, eds., (Durham: Duke University, 2010):63-83.
  • "Radio y cultura nacional: años 30 y 40."  Memorias del Seminario Internacional: Radio Nacional de Colombia agosto 19,20, y 21 de  2009 (Bogotá, Colombia: RTVC, Radio Nacional de Colombia, Banco de la República, 2009): 15-26.
  • A Sangre y Fuego: la Violencia en Antioquia, 1946-1953 (Bogotá: Fundación para la Promoción de la Ciencia y la Tecnología /ICANH, 2003); 2003 Winner Fundación Alejandro Angel Escobar Prize in the Social Sciences and Humanities, Bogotá, Colombia.
  • Blood and Fire: La Violencia in Antioquia, Colombia, 1946-1953 (Duke University Press, 2002).

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Jonathan Rosenberg
Ph.D., Harvard University, 1997

Teaching interests:
U.S. history since 1865; U.S. and the World; U.S. Cold War history (including Cold War culture); war and society in American history.

Research interests:
The impact of world affairs on U.S. social, cultural, and political life; cultural diplomacy; the history of music (classical and jazz) in twentieth-century America; civil rights history.

Selected Publications:

  • The Jazz Expats: How American Jazz Musicians Left Their Country and Changed the World (in progress).
  • Dangerous Melodies: Classical Music in America from the Great War through the Cold War (W.W. Norton, 2020).
  • “'To Reach… Into the Hearts and Minds of Our Friends’: American Symphonic Tours and the Cold War,” in Music and International History, Jessica Gienow-Hecht, ed. (Berghan Books, 2015).
  • “Leningrad Comes to America: The 1942 American Premiere of the Shostakovich Seventh Symphony,” in Asia Pacific in the Age of Globalization, Robert Johnson, ed. (Palgrave Macmillan, 2015).
  • “'The Best Diplomats Are Often the Great Musicians’: Leonard Bernstein and the New York Philharmonic Play Berlin,” New Global Studies 2014.
  • "How Far the Promised Land?: World Affairs and the American Civil Rights Movement from the First World War to Vietnam"·(Princeton University Press, 2006).
  • Co-author, Kennedy, Johnson, and the Quest for Justice: The Civil Rights Tapes (W.W. Norton, 2003).
  • Co-editor, Cold War Statesmen Confront the Bomb: Nuclear Diplomacy Since 1945 (OxfordUniversity Press, 1999).

Faculty Homepage:

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Jill Rosenthal
(Ph.D., Emory University, 2015)

Teaching Interests:

19th and 20th century African history, especially the Great Lakes region and sub-Saharan Africa; history of humanitarian and international aid; history of refugees, migration and violence in Africa; history of violence and healing; human rights

Research Interests:

History of Africa, especially the Great Lakes region and sub-Saharan Africa; history of humanitarian and international development assistance; histories of migration, refugees, and violence.

Selected Publications:

  • "Rwandan Refugees in Tanzania" in Jan Jansen and Simone Lässig, eds. (Oxford University Press, 2019)
  • "'From a Place of Misery to a Place of Deeper Misery': Development, Authority, and Conflict in the Mwesi Highlands Rwandan Refugee Settlement."  International Journal of African Historical Studies 50.01 (2017): 99-120.

"From 'Migrants' to 'Refugees': Identity, aid and decolonization in Ngara District, Tanzania."  The Journal of African History 56.02 (2015): 261-279

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Laura Schor
Ph.D., University of Rochester 1974

Teaching interests:
History of modern France; modern European Jewish history; European women's history; biography and history; history of Jerusalem.

Research interests:
Palestine during the British Mandate; Women in Modern France; women's education.

Selected Publications :

  • Sophie Halaby in Jerusalem: An Artist's Life (Syracuse University Press, 2019)
  • The Best School in Jerusalem: Annie Landau's School for Girls, 1900-1960 (Brandeis University Press, 2013)
  • The Life and Legacy of Betty de Rothschild (NY: Peter Lang, 2006)
  • The Odyssey of Flora Tristan·(NY: Peter Lang, 1989).
  • Women and the Making of the Working Class (Montreal: Eden Press, 1976

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Retired Faculty and Professors Emeriti

Angelo Angelis

Margaret Crahan

Dolores Greenberg

Dorothy Helly

Michael Luther

Bernadette McCauley

Naomi C. Miller

Marta Petrusewicz

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