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The Hunter College History Department offers graduate study in a wide variety of fields and related areas of professional preparation. A favorable faculty-student ratio provides a congenial intellectual climate, encouraging individually designed programs within a coherent curricular framework. The department makes special efforts to encourage women and members of minority groups to undertake graduate study.

Prospective students must apply to the Office of Graduate Admissions, room 203, North Building, Hunter College, 695 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10065. They must fill out the required forms as well as provide a transcript of previous academic work and two letters of recommendation. In general, the History Department requires 18 undergraduate credits in history as a minimum for admission to the master's program.

The Graduate Record Examination is required for matriculation. However, while matriculation is pending they can take as many as 9 credits of graduate courses (which, if grades of B or better are received, can later be transferred) as non-matriculants.

Once matriculated, students have four years in which to finish the work for the master's degree. They must complete an approved program of study totalling 30 credits, including at least 6 credits in a field of history other than their field of concentration; and a thesis seminar. Students are allowed to take a maximum of 9 credits of graduate courses in other departments or colleges, provided they have the approval of the graduate advisor. Students may not take more than two tutorials. 

In addition to course and seminar work, students are required to pass a written examination in any language approved by the graduate advisor.

The TEP exam will be given on (TBA).
The foreign language exams will be given on (TBA).
Both exams will be given in the history conference room on the 15th floor (HW).

After completion of all other requirements, students must present a satisfactory master's essay, or thesis, written under the supervision of a member of the history faculty and a second reader.

Students wishing to take a leave of absence must obtain approval of the graduate advisor and must maintain matriculation in order to take examinations or complete their thesis.


Please consult the following links for detailed information:

Bursar's OfficeTuition Only TableFinancial Aid Office

For more information contact: Prof. Jonathan Rosenberg, Graduate Advisor, Department of History, Hunter College, 695 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10065; (212) 772-5546 or email

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