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Macaulay Honors College
at Hunter College, CUNY
695 Park Avenue,
Room 630A Hunter East (Library)
New York, New York 10065

Office Hours:
Monday - Friday 9:00am-5:00pm

Phone: (212) 650-3556
Fax: (212) 650-3846
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"I Want To..." (FAQs and then some)

...visit the Honors College at Hunter.
...apply to the Honors College at Hunter.
...know if I can major in biology/childhood education/comparative literature/etc. an internship in my freshman year.
...postpone the freshman year seminar and begin it in my second semester.
...get information about all the study abroad options. at the dorm next semester even though I am living at home now.
...learn more about the Cultural Passport.
...get involved in student government.
...get the "stop" removed from my record.
...replace my Cultural Passport as I lost mine.
...apply for a fellowship.
...start a new club at Hunter.
...apply to grad schools.
...get my laptop fixed.
...get a grade changed.



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...visit the Honors College at Hunter.

Wonderful! We look forward to having you visit. Schedule your visit by contacting our department coordinator Betsy Elias at 212-650-3556 or Let her know when you can come in and whether you would like to meet with an honors academic advisor, talk to a current student, sit in on an honors class, or all three.


...apply to the Honors College at Hunter.

Our online application will be available at beginning in mid-August. All applications must be completed online and must be submitted no later than December 1. The Honors College at Hunter no longer accepts early decision applications.




...know if I can major in biology/childhood education/comparative literature/etc.

Hunter College is a liberal arts institution offering a wide range of majors and minors. As a Macaulay Honors College student at Hunter, you can choose any one of these options. Visit our Majors and Degree Tracks page for a complete list. an internship in my freshman year.

You will discover that you have many internship opportunities through both the Macaulay Honors College and Hunter College. Use your first semester to build your résumé and your relationships, making yourself a strong candidate for spring internships. Many internships require three references or letters of recommendation, so spend time with your honors academic advisor, discussing your academics and your professional goals -- this will help your advisor identify appropriate internships for you, and will make her better able to serve as one of your references. Also, be sure to visit your professors during office hours. By the end of the fall semester, at least two of your professors should know you well enough to provide a reference. Polish up your résumé and consider earning your community service hours now so that you’ll have one more activity to list. When you're ready to begin applying, you'll find plenty of internship announcements in the Macaulay Monday e-mail newsletter, on the Macaulay web site, and through Hunter's Career Development Services office.




...postpone the freshman year seminar from my first semester and begin it in my second semester.

Macaulay students experience the four seminars in order and as a class, meaning that you must take Seminar One in your first semester, Seminar Two in your second semester, etc.


...get information about all the study abroad options.

Macaulay students are encouraged to study abroad! You may apply to participate in any study abroad program offered by CUNY or SUNY. In some cases, students are approved to participate in programs offered by other institutions. There are many, many programs out there, but you can begin by:

Be sure to consult your honors academic advisor as you plan your study abroad experience.


DSC01902.JPG at the dorm next semester even though I am living at home now.

If you did not initially select the dorm room, you may apply for a room through the Residence Life web site:

Demand is high, so we cannot guarantee that you will be provided with a room if you did not select one at the beginning of your freshman year. 

Since you did not initially select the free dorm room (the dorm room is free only for the first two years, during the fall and spring semesters), you will be charged for living in the dorm.


...learn more about the Cultural Passport.

Your Culture Passport gives you free or greatly reduced admission to many of New York’s cultural landmarks and educational institutions. Click here for a complete, borough-by-borough list:




...get involved in student government.


...get the "stop" removed from my record.

First, you need to know what kind of "stop" you have. You can find out by logging into your eSims account through the CUNY Portal.

"Stop" details are provided through a link in the center of your eSims page. Often, you will be directed to visit a specific campus office or call a campus extension.

See your honors academic advisor if you're not able to resolve the problem causing the "stop".




...replace my Cultural Passport, as I lost mine.

Please contact Ms. Autumn Payne at the Macaulay Center, 212-729-2909.


...apply for a fellowship.

Visit CUNY's Prestigious Scholarships website to read about all the exciting options.

Once you have started to think about which scholarships or fellowships might be right for you, there are many people who can work with you throughout the planning and application process.

Be sure to keep your honors academic advisor informed as well.




...start a new club at Hunter.

First, make sure that someone hasn't already started the same kind of club. A complete list of all student clubs at Hunter is available through the USG office, 121 North. USG staff can also help you with the process of starting your club.




...apply to grad schools.

Applying to graduate school is a long, complicated process, but your honors academic advisor can help. Talk with your advisor regularly and keep her informed as you make decisions about what type of degree you wish to pursue and which institutions appeal to you. Be sure to visit with your advisor at the beginning of your junior year to review the basic timeline for graduate school applications. 

You will need to have strong faculty recommendations, so make it a priority to build relationships with your professors.




...get my laptop fixed.

ITFs ("Tech Fellows") are available to help you with all laptop-related questions and problems. A schedule of Tech Fellow office hours is posted in the Honors Lounge.


...get a grade changed.

A grade appeal is a sensitive matter and one that you should approach with diplomacy and care. Start by reading the section on "Appeals – Grades" on page 71 of your Undergraduate Catalog.

You may wish to consult with your honors academic advisor to determine the best way to approach your professor and make your request for a change of grade.

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