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Stress Research Group

Anxiety and stress-related disorders are the most common of the psychiatric disorders, affecting over 40 million people every year in the United States alone. Due in part to gaps in our understanding of the causes, consequences, and amelioration of these disorders, however, most fail to seek or receive effective treatments. Moreover, the high cost and low accessibility of evidence-based interventions create further barriers to services, particularly in under-served, low-income communities. Given the broad negative impact of anxiety and stress on mental and physical health, this disparity between need and services is among the most critical mental health crises facing us today.

The Hunter Stress Research Group is a community of researchers from the Departments of Psychology and Biology that have come together with the goal of conducting translational research addressing these key research gaps. Covering a broad range of disciplines and research methods, our group examines core processes underlying stress and anxiety, from disentangling the biology of stress and anxiety to the development of novel intervention approaches.