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Message from the Chair



Dear Undergraduate Students:

On behalf of the psychology faculty and staff, I welcome you to the Department of Psychology at Hunter College.  We are looking forward to a meaningful and rewarding association with you during your time as a psychology major. As you well know, psychology is a diverse field, and the Hunter College Psychology Department provides its students with a wide variety of opportunities.  At the beginning of your academic career (and even as an upper-class student), these resources and opportunities can seem overwhelming.

There are a few things I encourage you to do, no matter where you are in the process of being a psychology major. First, get involved with research and extracurricular activities of the department. We have several programs that are excellent.  During the academic year our department and the college have different workshops that will help you in applying to grad school and other professional matters.  You can also participate in one of our Psychology clubs. If you need any information on the clubs and/or how to become a member, please contact: Professor Dawn Dugan (  Every academic year (early April) we have the Hunter Psychology Convention.  Students are welcome to present their research findings in oral and/or poster presentation.  All are welcome to attend.  Professor Dugan is also the coordinator for the convention and would be happy to talk with you about participating.

I also encourage you to speak with one of the undergraduate advisors if you have any questions about research experience, courses and/or other issues.  The advising office is there to help you.  Advising hours are listed here.  

In addition, students interested in getting information about our Psychology Honors program should first check the web page by clicking here. If you have further questions, feel free to contact Professor Jennifer Ford ( for additional information.

Psychology is an empirical science that expands and grows through research.  If you are going to graduate school, it's essential that you get involved in research and learn if that's for you.  It can also be extremely useful if you are looking for employment after graduation.  You can do this for credit (Psych 201, Psych 395, Psych 396, Psych 398) or not.  The most important thing is to get the experience and to obtain a letter of recommendation from your onsite supervisor.  There are many different research opportunities that cover many areas of psychology, including clinical, developmental, social, biopsychological. You can contact Dr. Dawn Dugan for information on research opportunities!

There are also many funding opportunities and training programs that can be combined with your research experience.  Please check for information and applications to all our funding opportunities.
You can also Find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 

I wish you a wonderful and exciting year!

Professor Glenn Schafe, Ph.D.