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Cognitive Psychology Faculty


Martin Chodorow

Models of Memory
Computational Linguistics


Tracy Dennis-Tiwary

Emotion Regulation
Developmental Psychopathology
Affective Neuroscience
Parenting and Contextual Influences

Roseanne Flores

Language Acquisition
Cognitive Development
Children and Poverty
Children and Culture

Amber J. Martin

Spatial Language and Spatial Cognition
Sign Language Acquisition
Effects of Delayed First Language Acquisition

Regina Miranda

Adolescent Depression and Suicide
Depressive Future-Event Schemas
The Social-Cognitive Process of Transference in Depression

Sandeep Prasada

Director of the Master's in General Psychology Program


Conceptual & Lexical Representation in the Mind and Brain
Language Acquisition

Diana Reiss

Director of the Master's in Animal Behavior and Conservation

Comparative Cognition
Animal Behavior and Communication
Marine Mammal Cognition

Virginia Valian