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Stress Research Group Faculty


Tracy Dennis

Emotion Regulation
Developmental Psychopathology
Affective Neuroscience
Parenting and Contextual Influences

Michael Hoyt

Stress and Coping Processes
Psychological Adjustment to Chronic Illness
Biobehavioral Mechanisms of Psychological Processes and Treatment

Regina Miranda

Adolescent depression and suicide
Depressive future-event schemas
The social-cognitive process of transference in depression

Victoria Luine

Neurochemistry of hormone-dependent sexual behavior
Hormonal influences on age-related memory loss

Thomas Preuss

Neuroethology of escape behavior
Neural decision making
Neural plasticity
Sensorimotor integration of biological relevant visual and auditory inputs

Tracey Revenson

Stress and Coping
Adaptation to chronic illness, particularly cancer
Social support
Psychological measurement

Glenn Schafe

Neurobiological substrates of emotional learning and memory, fear, anxiety and stress

Mariann Weierich

Neurobiology of stress, trauma, PTSD, attention, neuroimaging, neuroendocrinology