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How to Register for MA Psych Courses

Before registering, you must get permission from the MA Program Office, Room 611 Hunter North, to take a course. We prefer for this to be done in person so that we can advise you properly. In all cases, our matriculated graduate students have top priority for course enrollment. Please bring: 

  1. Your undergraduate and graduate transcripts

When we give you permission to take a course, we enter that permission into the Hunter system, which might take us a day or so. But you don't need to worry. Once we've put you on our course tally, you are assured enrollment in the course. Permission will stay in the system for the entire registration period. In some cases, we cannot give you permission directly. Some courses require prior written permission from the instructor. The instructor can either handwrite a permission note that you would bring to the MA Office or the instructor can send us an email. The following courses require written permission from the instructor:

  • Psych 690-2 - Independent Study
  • Psych 707.01 & 707.02 - Thesis (both semesters) [OPEN TO MATRICULATED STUDENTS ONLY ]
  • All cross-listed doctoral level courses

Some courses have prerequisites which must be evaluated before you can be granted permission to take the course. For example, Psych 680.55 (Developmental Psychpathology) requires a background course in abnormal psychology. If you have not taken the prerequisite, we will not give you permission to take the course.

If you are a matriculated undergraduate student, you must have an instructor's written permission to take any graduate course. Non-matriculated undergraduate students may not register for graduate courses.

When it's time to register, access the registration site (eSIMS) via the CUNY Portal. If you have problems - which have, unfortunately, been known to happen - call, fax or email us with a description of the problem and we will try to fix it.

For more information on how to register, please download our guidelines and/or consult the Registrar's Office website.

Late registration is scheduled for the first week of classes. We may wait-list non-matriculated and undergraduate students for graduate courses whose enrollment is expected to be heavy.

If a student in some way bypasses the office and registers for a course without first consulting a program advisor, we will invalidate the student's registration.