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Social Psychology


Darlene Defour

Coping with Stress
Psychology of Women
Social Networks
Black Psychology
Culture and Psychology


Sarit Golub

Social, Cognitive, and Emotional Factors
that Influence Health Behavior,
with Special Emphasis on the
Interaction Between Behavior
and the Formation and Maintenance
of Individual Identity


Rebecca Farmer Huselid

Social Identities (e.g. gender, race, ethnicities)
Coping with Stress & Discrimination
Substance Use and Academic Achievement


Jeffrey T. Parsons

Adolescent Development
Risk Taking
HIV/AIDS Prevention
Health Psychology
Gay/Lesbian Issues
Substance Abuse
Sexual Behavior


Vita C. Rabinowitz

Gender Issues in Health
Justice and Helping


H. Jonathon Rendina

Social Psychology
Health Psychology


Salomon Rettig

Philosophy of Science in Psychology
Small Groups (Group Therapy)
Ethical Decision Making


Tracey Revenson

Stress and Coping
Adaptation to Chronic Illness
Social Support and Caregiving
Health Disparities


Kimberly Robinson

The Effects on Minority Stress on Psychological Well-Being and Health Behaviors


Jason Young

Attitudes and Persuasion
Political Psychology
Media Influence
Evolutionary Psychology