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You can better assure your academic success by reviewing Hunter's academic policies below.

At Hunter, the only source of academic rules and regulations is the Hunter College Senate and its committees, composed of faculty, students, and administrators, whose authority comes from the Board of Trustees. Any exceptions to these rules may be granted only by designated individuals.

Appeals for administrative exceptions to academic rules and regulations—including such matters as exceptions to approved program loads, course substitutions for the General Education Requirement (GER), exemptions from the Foreign Language Requirement, and other academic situations involving classwork—are heard in the Office of Advising Services, Room 1119, East Building.

If you believe that you have a situation that warrants a possible variance, meet with an Advisor in the Office of Advising Services. To arrange an appointment, call 212.772.4882, or visit Room 1119, East Building.

Some policies require that forms be submitted in order to implement the policy or appeal a decision. For your convenience, PDF versions of those forms are provided below. You must have Adobe Reader in order to open and print PDF documents. (Download Adobe Reader.)

Because policies and their related forms are revised from time to time, please ask your Advisor to review the form with you before you submit it.

Academic Standing
The documents below are printable PDFs
Academic Standing
Dean's List
Academic Probation
Academic Dismissal Academic Dismissal Appeal [pdf]

Academic Dismissal Advising Sessions Schedule [pdf]
Readmission Application for Readmission [pdf]
Courses and Grading
Course Repeat Failing Grade Course Repeat form [pdf]
Course Withdrawal Course Withdrawal Guidelines [pdf]
Credit Overload (Registration for credits
in excess of 17.5 per semester)
Request for Credit Overload [pdf]
Course, Charges, or Fees Deletion Requests Deletion Requests [pdf]
For more information on specific aspects of these policies, or if you have any questions, please schedule an appointment to meet with an Advisor in the Office of Advising Services, 1119 East Building.
Hunter and CUNY-Wide Policies

For additional policies that govern student conduct, advocacy, and academic integrity (eg., regarding privacy, safety, computer use, alcohol, drugs, student complaints, and more) please visit the Student Conduct section of the Student Affairs web site.

FERPA – Privacy Disclosure Policy
(The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act)

[Federal Policy]
Students' Rights Concerning Education Records [pdf]

Consent to Release Educational Records [pdf]
Title IV Financial Aid: Academic Eligibility Appeal Title IV Financial Aid: Academic Eligibility Appeal [pdf]


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